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Outpatient department, emergency outpatient

Last update date July 27, 2020

From lifesaving treatment to at-home support, we practice wide nursing by good teamwork.

We understand position of patient and offer smooth nursing that we can consider.

We are in charge of the wide field including foreign medical treatment of each subject, examination for image, angiography and emergency outpatient.
While there is dysfunction, as for most of patients, medical treatment life in being at home is lived by characteristic of disease.
In cooperation with local social worker, temporary nursing at home station, we support that patient, family feels relieved and continues home care so that patient can live a life that seems to be people. Nursing is foreign and carries out at-home support and life consultation by nurse specialized in chronic disease nursing.
In addition, we promote offer of service that snuggled up to patient including maintenance of comfortable foreign environment by shortening and security in waiting time of medical examination.

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Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center Nursing Department

Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

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