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Education, the training

Last update date July 27, 2020

Education philosophy

We plan improvement of ability for clinical practice and bring up nursing staff who can act based on ethic.

Education purpose

1.We bring up human being-related rich sensitivity as specialist job good technician,
 We bring up human resources who can do nursing practice based on nursing ethic.
2.We develop specialty of nursing and bring up human resources with high ability for clinical practice. 
3.We bring up own human resources who can act whom we judged as specialist.
4.It is independent and brings up human resources who can act as member of medical team.
5.We grasp social needs and bring up human resources who can contribute to community medicine.

CDP (Career Development Program = career development program)

In the stroke, nerve backbone center, we classify ability for clinical practice of nurse in four of "ability for practice of nursing service" "ability for management" "ability for human relations" "ability for education study" and introduce CDP (Career Development Program = career development program) which showed each arrival aim according to stages.

Figure of ability for clinical practice of nurse

We carry out the training program that we set in CDP for five stages and matched with level of each person.

CDP1 stage
We learn basic knowledge, technique, manner, and correct, safe nursing practice is possible.

CDP2 stage
On the basis of the individual nature of taking charge of patient; can solve the problem, and can do appropriate nursing practice.

CDP3 stage
There is aggressive relation for nursing care plan except taking charge of patient.
We show the leadership and can take leadership role to younger student and student.

CDP4 stage
We can take role so that smooth duties accomplish in the department.

CDP5 stage
We take adjustable role among medical team members and can assist nursing divisional commander.
We are familiar with duties of department and we instruct member in the care management and can support.

Entering further education system

There is entering further education system to the back engine to educate which is a graduate targeting at the five years or more staff after the adoption.


Specialized nurse

Nurse specialized in chronic disease nursing, photograph of Akiko Shimomura (we come in Shimomura autumn)
Chronic disease nursing specialty nurse Akiko Shimomura

Authorized nurse

In the field of specific nursing, we practice nursing with high standard using expert nursing technique and knowledge. While practice, instruction plays three roles of talking in the nursing spot, we try for expanse of nursing care and improvement of quality.

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