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Welfare program

Last update date December 27, 2018

Holiday, vacation

Vacation 20th annual for four weeks for 8 on holiday, 6th year-end and New Year in summer holidays for five days, others (for sick leave, there are marriage leave, maternity leave, care leave, care leave of child, going into mourning vacation, marrow offer leave)

In-hospital dormitory

Adjacent to center, we are fully equipped with locking automatically for single person, live-alone, dormitory of one-room apartment type.

1.100 all rooms private rooms. Perfection such as air-conditioning, modular bath, gas ring, closet, closet, shoes case
2.The fee for use: Monthly basis 12,000 yen.
3.There is/parking lot which there is bicycle parking lots in (free) (pay)
4.Entering a dormitory period: 3 years 11 months (we can extend, and there is ※ condition)
5.We can enter with man and woman
6.It is a 5-minute walk to convenience store, supermarket

In-hospital child-care facility "citron nursery school"

From 7:30 a.m. to extension 20:00, we raise child until after the maternity leave - 3 years old. Center and the adjacency. As it is rushed immediately even if there is anything, we are reliable.
※ We carry out childcare twice a week for 24 hours of (fire, tree).

Child care support

(parental leave, childcare reduced working hours, partial closure) such as parental leave, vacation system (care leave of child, childcare time), in-hospital nursery school (fire, tree 24 hours childcare, childcare between 4 second daytime of Saturday)

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Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

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