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The third-floor west ward

Last update date July 27, 2020

We provide nursing that valued the individual nature of patient from management to discharge support, adjustment widely from head to foot of the immediate nature period,

We aim at ward where I think that it was good that patient and family are admitted to this ward.

We intend for neurosurgery and treatment department in cranial nerve blood vessel, patient of treatment center in blood vessel mainly.
We intend for patient receiving treatment in blood vessels such as cerebral artery reservoir or artery stenosis in patients for the lap operation period of skill in cerebrovascular rebuilding for the recurrence prevention of bleeding disorders and ischemic live attack in treatment department in cranial nerve blood vessel in neurosurgery.
Commencing with nursing of the lap operation period, we carry out rehabilitation in spite of being consideration for whole body management of the immediate nature period and abnormal early detection, complications prevention from early stage.
We practice patient-centered nursing while planning the multi-type of job and cooperation with patient, family by discharge support, adjustment.

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Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center Nursing Department

Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

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