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The joint use

Last update date June 8, 2020

We apply use of stroke, combination apparatus system inspecting by request from teachers of local medical institution in the nerve backbone center. Test result adds reading shadow, report and reports to origin of request.
As there is not need to become cooperation registration medicine on the use, please make use for right or wrong, medical treatment.

Internet Reservation

Making method of account

At our hospital, we use [email protected] (karunakonekuto) made by FUJIFILM medical.
By having you do prior application (account making), can use reservation system 365 days for 24 hours.
Please mail to application after entry, seal.

1-2-1, Takigashira, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center regional alliances synthesis counselor's office is addressed

※As you offer envelope for application documents and return, please call to regional alliances synthesis counselor's office.
※We inform of examination for MR, examination for CT, examination for sterEOS by the Internet reservation. Apply over telephone about request for other inspection.


We access page (the outside site) of karunakonekuto and log in by ID and password of each clinic.

We click "medical examination, inspection reservation" button.

We click reservation button of vacant date.

We input item necessary for request book, and reservation is settled when we click reservation button.

You print out "inspection request book" and "information for inspection", and hand to patient.
On the day please guide inspection request book and guide of inspection to have.
FAX to our hospital is unnecessary.
We will mail test result to teacher of origin of request later from our hospital.

Telephone Reservation

Please call the stroke, nerve backbone center regional alliances synthesis counselor's office. We show the reservation date and time on the spot.
Telephone: 045-753-2938 (direct)

Please send inspection request book and letter of introduction (medical treatment reporting book) by FAX.
FAX: 045-753-2894 (direct)

Hand "inspection request book" and "guide of inspection" to patient.
On the day please guide inspection request book and guide of inspection to have.
As you may do inquiry when you have any questions, about reservation contents, please keep reserve.

Styles such as request books

Examination for CT

Examination for MR

Examination of SPECT

Examination for bone density

Examination for EOS

About classification and inspection frame of inspection

Inspection classification and inspection frame
Inspection classificationDay, timeThe time requiredContentsExpense
30% burden
It is case of this
Examination for CT
64 lines are multi-
Slice CT
It is 20 minutes from 10Including brain, we accept examination for simple CT of whole body.
※We do not accept examination for contrasting CT.
About 7,000 yen
Examination for MR

It is occasional on weekdays
4 second Saturday
(the principle morning)
※In the afternoon inspection
We may do it
Please talk about nodego.

From 30 minutes

Including brain, we accept examination for simple MR from head to foot (except the breast, heart).
※We may not inspect for person whom metal enters in the body. It supports MR or would appreciate your confirmation by all means.
※We do not accept examination for contrasting MR.

About 8,000 yen
Examination of brain blood flow SPECT
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Thursday only in the morning
One hourWe perform examination of brain blood flow SPECT (there is no load). We attach report of analysis result by e-ZIS and Radiology doctor and, in addition to image, report.About 20,000 yen
Examination for bone density
It is occasional on weekdaysTen minutesWe measure in lumbar vertebrae and thighbone proximal part recommended in the prevention and treatment guidelines on osteoporosis (2015 version).About 3,000 yen
Examination for EOSMonth, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
From ten minutes to 15 minutesThe backbone, waist in load bottom (standing position or seat rank), evaluation of form and sequence of hip jointAbout 5,000 yen

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The stroke, nerve backbone center regional alliances synthesis counselor's office

Telephone: 045-753-2938 (direct)

Telephone: 045-753-2938 (direct)

Fax: 045-753-2894 (direct)

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