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Results of research

Last update date June 18, 2020

In Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center, we lay emphasis on development of new cure in addition to medical offer.


Study on treatment in blood vessel

Study on treatment with Dr. Masao Kishimoto in blood vessel was published in specialized magazine.
We developed improvement method of obstacle to reperfuse caused in therapy to reperfuse of the stroke immediate nature period.

Stroke, dizziness equilibrium disorder, study on ocular movement

Results of research about examination of platelet function that Dr. Eriko Sugawara played a key role were published in specialized magazine.
We elucidated problems that hyperfunction in transmission Kobo said to that reason was of unidentified could not evaluate enough using platelet clump.

We performed study that symptom and abnormal ocular movement reduced Dr. Yosuke Kudo by playing a key role, and using rTMS for equilibrium disorder.
In addition, we developed method to distinguish central dizziness from peripheral dizziness by observation of nystagmus in the diagnosis of dizziness.

In oculomotor study, Koji Takahashi engineer of the Banking Inspection Department played a key role and discovered that there was difference in adduction direction and extorsion direction in saccadic ocular movement.


Study on magnetic stimulation treatment with Dr. Kosuke Watanabe of the stroke immediate nature period was published in specialized magazine.
We promoted recovery of the paralysis when we used magnetic stimulation treatment together for the stroke immediate nature period and showed that we could reduce aftereffects.

Dr. Tomoki Nakamizo published new concept for stroke onset risk of patients with atrial fibrillation in specialized magazine.
We proved that risks of stroke gradually decreased when we did not suffer from stroke all the time even if there was atrial fibrillation theoretically.

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