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About introduction of patient

Last update date June 8, 2020

About introduction of patient

Letter of introduction (medical treatment reporting book) does not have designated style.
General style of "patient letter of introduction" prepared for in Yokohama-shi Medical Association is available.

Medical appointment list

We offer medical appointment vote and access to our hospital according to railroads. In the case of introduction, please inflect.

When we are introduced, we recommend that you make a reservation because you do not keep waiting on the day of the consultation.
Making a reservation can take even out of whom, but basic information such as full name, the date of birth, Address, Phone number of patient is necessary.
For more details, please see information for consultation method.

When you need foreign consultation of the day, please connect with regional alliances synthesis counselor's office.
Telephone: 045-753-2938 (regional alliances general counselor's office direct)

In addition, hot line which is direct to doctor is available about patient of first aid.
For more details, please see information for hot line.

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Telephone: 045-753-2938 (direct)

Telephone: 045-753-2938 (direct)

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