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Introduction of convalescence rehabilitation ward

Last update date December 3, 2019

We make seen convalescence rehabilitation ward together
 To citizen's all of you as specialist of municipal hospital
  In practicing the high quality most suitable rehabilitation
   To tie in local life like oneself whom we worked as lively

Rehabilitation team

About hospitalization

  1. Please consult on the telephone now from hospital receiving hospitalization, treatment to regional alliances synthesis counselor's office. Afterwards, we will have letter of introduction (medical treatment reporting book) and ADL vote by FAX from hospital during hospitalization, treatment.
  2. Rehabilitation doctor confirms about medical information of patient and we are hospitalized and adapt ourselves and judge.
  3. After hospitalization adaptation judgment by the medical attendant, I will inform day of admission if I can offer bed.

※When judgment is difficult only in information that we had, we may ask for foreign consultation of family or the person.
※Please consult with regional alliances synthesis counselor's office about visit and other consultation and request.

Introduction of ward

  • For 365 days including holiday and New Year holidays, we offer rehabilitation.
  • Five Rehabilitation doctors are medical treatment.
  • The cause of specialist to rehearse, master of physical therapist, occupational therapist, language hearing person, authorized psychology think about rehabilitation plan most suitable individually for each person's patient and provide concentrated rehabilitation.
(reference) the number of the rehabilitation staff
The type of job The number of people
PT (physical therapist) 40 people
OT (occupational therapist) 34 people
ST (language hearing person) Ten people
Master of authorized psychology Two people

The multi-types of job such as rehabilitation staff and nurse or medical social-worker - show each specialty and draw the biggest ability of patient and support return, participation in social life and continue keeping at-home return rate of patient at high standard with it is our center.

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