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Last update date September 19, 2018

(624 beds of 650 beds (general beds, infectious disease 26 beds) Medical consultation fee 33 department)

Municipal hospital provides medical care that local, is necessary such as offer of medical care and "Pediatrics" "obstetrics" for high medical care, immediate nature period that focused on "cancer" "first aid" "infectious disease" three. In addition, we play a leading role to contribute to improvement in quality of the whole community medicine through safety management measures or the prevention, enlightenment activity.

(we shoot 300 beds 300 beds (general beds (102 beds of convalescence rehabilitation wards, local inclusion care ward 52 beds)) Medical consultation fee 9 department)

The nerve backbone center is stroke, nerve disease and the backbone spinal cord disease and special hospital of rehabilitation stroke. In addition, by working on cooperation with community medicine engines and the prevention, enlightenment of disease, act for improvement in local overall medical quality.

In addition, we add care for the elder healthcare facility which designated manager (social medical corporation Japan medical alliance) runs.

(584 beds of 634 beds (general beds, mind 50 beds) Medical consultation fee 36 department)

As municipal hospital which designated manager (the Japanese Red Cross Society) runs, we provide medical care of policies such as "first aid" "allergic disease" "Psychiatry first aid" and the immediate nature period medical care of the wide fields such as "cancer" "heart trouble". In addition, we play a leading role to perform response to civic health crisis, and to contribute to improvement in quality of the whole community medicine.

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