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About payment of the business price

Last update date September 19, 2018

To supplier having you make a deal with "the stroke, nerve backbone center" "municipal hospital"

We usually have understanding, cooperation in administration of Yokohama City Univ. Hospital more and are very grateful.

About payment desk work of the business price for Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital and Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center, we print bill number (※) in column in the name of transfer person of bank book from March 10, 2008.

※Bill number has bill post any number (only as for less than six digits, the number) so that your company identifies transfer contents. In bill submission, please fill in bill number.

About printing to bankbook

Transfer person's name justice becomes "yokohamashi T ○○○○○○".

※○○○○○○Part is bill number of this

(example) in the case of bill number 123456 ... "yokohamashi T123456"

In addition, payment with bill which bill number is not listed in is printed as follows by bankbook.

  • Payment ... ... ... ... ..., "yokohamashimimbiyoi" of municipal hospital
  • Payment ... "nousotsuchiyuushinke" of the stroke, nerve backbone center
  • ※We changed name of "Yokohama Stroke & Brain Center " to "the stroke, nerve backbone center" from January 1, 2015.

I would like your understanding and cooperation.

※Reference about this matter: City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters hospital management section


About the abolition of fund transfer payment notification (news) (January, 2008) (PDF: 121KB)
City of Yokohama, Office of Accounting

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