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About "place of commute" (hint of activity continuation)

Last update date July 3, 2020

... which turns three problems of hint ... "place of commute" of calling of magic into good point

Are there anxiety and trouble at "place of commute" where everybody works on?
May task which we did not see which we were not worried about come out so far when we continue activity for a long time?
When it looks like it, please see the next video.
We arranged hint to get over problem and that common which we saw from investigation of place of commute.
Please make use for everyday activity.
As we can download leaflet introduced in video from the following URL, please see in addition.

Shino Sawaoka (diamond aged society study foundation)
[video summary]
②"... for activity resumption" (1 minute 53 seconds ...)
③"Let's utilize calling of magic!" (4 minutes 51 seconds ...)
④"Let's think about form of place of new commute" (11 minutes 56 seconds ...)
⑤Conclusion (15 minutes 32 seconds ...)

"Hint of calling of magic" leaflet
"Hint of calling of magic"

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