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Yokohama-shi care prevention interchange base maintenance business

Last update date February 5, 2020

Business summary

"Care prevention interchange base maintenance business" is assistance business for facility maintenance costs of bases utilizing vacant stores of mall to support maintenance such as salons where elderly people gather for the purpose of preventing care prevention and maintenance increase of health, shut jikomorio, and to promote activity to be connected for the care prevention, life support. While we can work on health promotion, the care prevention in the whole area, and elderly person is connected in area, we aim at community development which active life with purpose of life can send with health.

Supporting eligible people

◆NPO corporation, social welfare corporation, company which it is group having juridical person to set up office, office in Yokohama-shi, and arrange care prevention interchange base
<example of interchange base>
* Maintenance such as local resident interchange salons of elderly person utilizing vacant store, empty house-centered multi-generation
* Maintenance of base to support at-home person requiring nursing care or single life elderly person
* Maintenance of symbiosis type base that person with a disability, children led by elderly person can gather

Supporting target expense

◆Facility maintenance costs
* Construction cost or construction contract costs (expense required for outer channel construction such as the gate, fence, wall is excluded.)
(expense required for sprinkler setting, seismic strengthening applies.)
* Construction desk work costs (the travel expenses that are necessary for construction construction directly, expendable supplies costs, communication transportation costs, print binding costs
It is desk work costs such as design supervision charges and assumes construction cost or sum equivalent to 2.6% of construction contract costs limit.)
※Assistance is inapplicable: Design costs, earthquake-resistant diagnosis costs, budget (personnel expenses, rent) after maintenance

The amount of subsidy upper limit

◆8.91 million yen (ten-tenths supporting rate)
※With raise in consumption tax rate from October, 2019, the amount of subsidy upper limit was changed to 8.91 million yen from 8.5 million yen from 2019.
※You go to fire department in ward beforehand, and please confirm setting duty of sprinkler of firefighting laws and ordinances.

Application requirements

* Is group having juridical person to set up office, office in Yokohama-shi, NPO corporation, social welfare corporation,
※There are the activity results as any group and includes group where it is expected that we acquire juridical person before conduct of this business.
* Being group having the business results of the fields such as health, medical care, the welfare, care.
* Is chosen in the past by this business, and do not be company concerned with business that maintenance did not complete and that.
* Maintenance planning to be completed by the end of 2020. Do business continuation ten years or more after the establishment.
* It is finished building, and there is building certificate of inspection with article which observed Building Standard Act after 1982.
* Establish place to let you install preparations, management meeting (meeting that local representatives participated in) and reflect local needs, opinion (regularly). to

Offer period

◆Postmark is effective for Reiwa from Monday, February 10 to Friday, June 5, 2020
※Please consult about person that application is examined to ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division beforehand by all means.

Prior consultation, submission

◆City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau area inclusion care promotion section
Telephone: 671-3464
FAX: 681-7789
[email protected]

Submission documents

(1) 2020 Yokohama-shi care prevention interchange base maintenance business business plan

(2) First style, attached sheet 1-5 (grant application)

Examination, selection

Business plan that had you apply holds "Yokohama-shi care prevention interchange base maintenance business plan selection committee" (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau) and examines 1 and selects.
We apply from Yokohama-shi to Kanagawa for 2 as target business of "Kanagawa community medicine care synthesis security fund (for care) operating cost subsidy" afterwards to Kanagawa.
※As for approval sarenaka case, as for the grant of subsidy from Yokohama-shi, there are none by selection of Kanagawa.
※Selection result of Kanagawa is going to be over private notification in around October in usual.

Schedule (plan)

Schedule (plan)
Schedule Contents
Monday, February 10, 2020
... Friday, June 5, 2020
Application start - consultation (hearing/on-site confirmation) - application deadline
Around July, 2020 Business selection (hearing/koiinkai)

From July to August in 2020 (plan)

We apply to Kanagawa
From August, 2020 to September (plan) Selection, procedure in Kanagawa
Around October, 2020 Subsidy grant decision
After the grant decision Building certification application, design examination, the construction supplier choice, contract, the start of construction
Until the end of March, 2021 Construction completion, inspection confirmation, the results report
May, 2021 Yokohama-shi subsidy grant decision, subsidy grant

Materials (flyer, guide), rule concerned

Submission documents (style) after subsidy grant decision

※As No. 2 style, No. 7 style, No. 9 style are documents to deliver from Health and Social Welfare Bureau to grant group, it is not included in submission documents.

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Health and Social Welfare Bureau advanced age Health and Welfare Department area inclusion care promotion section

Telephone: 045-671-3464

Telephone: 045-671-3464

Fax: 045-550-4096

E-Mail address [email protected]

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