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About hamatore (locomotive syndrome preventive training that there is at home)

Last update date December 25, 2020

What is hamatore?

It is training that "is easily possible in house" that Yokohama-shi pays its attention to "walk" of elderly person and developed to prevent locomotive syndrome.
Exercise to strengthen muscular strength of legs by thing or squat to increase time when we stand in house and walk is important so that physical strength does not decline when there is much time to spend at home either.
hamatore aims at improvement of improvement of improvement of stoop, posture, pelvic degree of leaning, extension of hip joint, improvement of work of ankle, balance from characteristic of posture and elderly person's way of walking; can exercise.

※Locomotive syndrome is abbreviation of "locomotive syndrome".
We have disorder of campaign for drop or bone, arthropathy device of age-related muscular strength, and locomotiveness "to stand, and to sit down, and to walk" says state to decrease.

Let's move body in exercise "hamatore" to be possible at home!

In hamatore, there are two of "hamatore" which can train slowly and carefully and "hamatore" (experience) made every day casually.
There is "hamatore" from improvement of stoop, posture, improvement of pelvic degree of leaning, 20 kinds of exercise to aim at extension, improvement of function of ankle, improvement of balance of hip joint.
As it is training of 60 minutes, it is recommended to person who wants to move body slowly and carefully. In detail (the outside site)!

"hamatore" (trial version) organizes 11 kinds of exercise to be possible easily in hamatore in song of Yokohama-shi got close to to citizens in total.
We can work casually while humming song of city and are available as warm-up of walking.
As this is training of about five minutes, it is recommended to person whom we want to remain casually every day!

About "hamatore" leaflet

We live and distribute leaflet and DVD even to neighboring ward offices (old obstacle support section) and community care plazas.
In addition, we can download leaflet from the next URL.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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