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Yokohama-shi person with a disability measure promotion meeting

Last update date June 24, 2020


We are comprised of 24 people such as people of learning and experience, person with a disability, person engaging in business about the welfare of person with a disability, the staff of administration concerned and are installed for the purpose of investigation discussing matter needing notification adjustment between necessary relations administrations about promotion of necessary matter and person with a disability measure about general and premeditated promotion of person with a disability measure.

Committee member list (the order of the kana syllabary) ※Honorific title abbreviation

Akira Inoue (association of Yokohama-shi person with a physical disability group society's director)
Uichiro Inagaki (association of non profit organization Yokohama-shi mental patient family society vice-director)
Masaru Otomo (representative of non profit organization Yokohama-shi mental patient area life support alliance meeting)
Yoshimasa Ohashi (association of non profit organization Yokohama-shi visually impaired welfare)
Mitsuhiko Kataoka (Kanagawa Prefectural Hodogaya school for disabled children's president)
Yasumitsu Shibata (acting Secretary General of Japanese Trade Union Confederation Yokohama area alliance)
Harumi Shibuya (Yokohama-shi person with a disability area work place Network)
Tatsuo Shimizu (meeting league vice-representative secretary protecting Yokohama-shi mind and body child with a disability person)
Hitoshi Suzuki (association of YPS Yokohama peer staff)
Masae Suyama (association of Yokohama-shi halfway hearing loss, person's chairperson hard of hearing)
Masahiko Takahashi (association of Yokohama-shi ostomy's chairperson)
Nobuaki Takeyasu (Yokohama-shi Medical Association's vice-chairperson)
Yoko Tada (Mayor of shakaifuku*hojin*megumien*megumi signal facility)
Rina Tanaka (association of Kanagawa mental health welfare person)
Mikio Nakane (Director social welfare corporation Yokohama symbiosis society Dontokoi, Minami)
Takashi Nagata (Yokohama-shi group home Network resident sectional meeting resident committee member)
Mayumi Narazaki (meeting sunflower of the person)
Kazuhiko Nishiyama (Yokohama Public Employment Security Office director)
Katsunori Hirosawa (working support center's director in northern Yokohama-shi)
Kazuo Mori (Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare person with a disability support center charge director)
Tetsuaki Yamaguchi (Director of association of Kanagawa mental hospital)
Chizuko Wada (Asahi Ward area life support base relievedly with a blush)
Masako Watanabe (the Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi life support center facility head)
Masataka Watabe (Yokohama National University's professor Graduate School pedagogy graduate course altitude teaching profession practice specialty)

The 2020 meeting date

Schedule, the agenda


Place Agenda/report matter

Monday, June 29

From 3:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We ring Yokohama
Meeting room on the twelfth floor

The agenda
(1) About the fourth Yokohama-shi person with a disability plan draft
(2)About report to affect measure for the development child with a disability, person without with slight intellectual delay or intellectual delay
(3)About corporation open call for participants accompanied with the welfare work center privatization
Report matter
(1) About 2020 budget
(2) About activity report of committee specialized in 2019

Exhibition, hearer capacity: Ten first arrival (please contact by telephone or email by 17:00 on June 25.)
Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle welfare Health Department obstacle measure promotion section
Telephone: 045-671-3603
Fax: 045-671-3566
Email: [email protected]


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Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle welfare Health Department obstacle measure promotion section

Telephone: 045-671-3603

Telephone: 045-671-3603

Fax: 045-671-3566

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