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At-home person with a disability allowance

Last update date March 8, 2019

a.As for Kanagawa at-home severe people with a disability, it is medical treatment body intellect

※Yokohama-shi at-home people experiencing disability medical treatment is the April 1, 2010 system abolition

Target, application method
Eligible peoplePerson who has Address secondary to the prefecture more than six months as of August 1 (basic date), and corresponds to the next obstacle important matter.
But it is not for basic date which continues for one year (previous year from August 1 to July 31, this year) until the day before, and did entrance (hospital) in facility and hospital more than three months. (object, hospitalization of people under 20 apply to pay nursing home, group home or care home)
It does not apply to people who acquired disability certificate at 65 years or older for the first time. (we can receive person who received medical treatments such as Kanagawa at-home severe people with a disability in 2009)
Obstacle requirements

Person who fulfills next ① or ②
①Person to apply to more than two among next a - cormorants
 Oh, person who received grant of the certificate of the physically disabled first grade or the second grade
 Person who was judged to be in state of i nursing notebook (notebook of love) A1 or A2
 Person who received grant of the u mental patient health welfare notebook first grade
②Child with a disability welfare subsidy by regulations of law about supply or Special Child Dependent's Allowances which catches payment of special person with a disability allowance

Income requirementsAnnual income being standard or less
※As for the standard of income, under 20 years old have the same child with a disability welfare subsidy, 20 years or older as special person with a disability allowance.
※Please refer to each ward Health and Welfare Center.
Supply amount of money
And it is time
We pay annual sum 60,000 yen from Kanagawa in January.
(in ※ 2010, "exception allowance" as provisional measure of 2011 recipient pays the balance)
Application periodAs a general rule, from August 1 to September 10
Necessary thingWe can confirm private seal, bankbooks of ordinary deposit account such as disability certificates, thing which my number can identify, the income situation (as for the person whom income present situation notice has been submitted to for person with a disability allowances in particular, omissible)
WindowEach ward Health and Welfare Center

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