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Special person with a disability allowance

Last update date April 1, 2020

f.Special person with a disability allowance body intellect spirit
[eligible people]
(there is examination. As for the details to flyer (PDF: 618KB))

  1. Being 20 years or older as of application day
  2. Being at-home person with a disability (do not enter facility)
  3. Do not be admitted to hospitals more than three months
  4. Annual income being standard or less
  5. Meeting the following obstacle requirements
    Thing that is in condition to always need special care in the everyday life to have remarkably severe disorder to mind or body

[medical treatment] Monthly basis 27,350 yen (as of April, 2020)
※It becomes supply from for next month of application day when authorized.
We pay allowance until minute in the previous month in month.
[necessary thing] We can confirm personal number (my number)
Identity verification documents (when other than person reports, identification material of the person is necessary, too)
Private seal, thing which the income situation can identify, ordinary deposit bankbook of medical certificate (※), person for medical treatment
※As a general rule, medical certificate, please submit thing (less than three months) of predetermined style. For details, please consult to each ward Health and Welfare Center beforehand.
[window] Health and Welfare Center

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