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Structure of user burden

Last update date July 17, 2020

Structure of user burden

As a general rule, person using obstacle welfare service will bear 10% of expense that we needed for offer of service (fixed rate burden). In addition, it is paid to plan fairness with people who at-home, live a life about the actual expenses and the food expenses in photothermal water costs accompanied with facility entrance and Japan and China activity service (the actual expenses burden).
But various reduction measures are established so that fixed rate burden, burden on actual expenses burden person together with a little income do not become big.

(a) Reduction plan for fixed rate burden

It applies to all people using setting ... service of user burden upper limit monthly basis

Principle is 10% burden of expense required for offer of service, but, in social security receipt household and the municipal tax tax exemption household, in free of charge, the municipal tax taxation household, the upper limit is established in monthly user burden.

List of amount of burden upper limit
Division The situation (*) such as income of household The amount of burden upper limit
Social security Social security (or Chinese residual Japaneses pay support by the support method) receipt household 0 yen
Low income 1 Municipal tax tax exemption household Yearly income of the person using service is 800,000 yen or less 0 yen
Low income 2 Municipal tax tax exemption household Others 0 yen
The public Municipal tax taxation household With less than 160,000 yen in amount of municipal tax income percent (as for under 18 years old 280,000 yen)
※We remove entrance facility user (20 years or older) and group home user.
9,300 yen
(under 18 years old 4,600 yen)
The public Municipal tax taxation household Others 37,200 yen

*With "household,"

  • About user of adult (when is at home: in the case of 18 years or older, facility entrance: 20 years or older) only as for the person and the spouse
  • As a general rule, about user of child with a disability (other than above), it is household of Basic Resident Register

Payment costs (large amount repayment payment) such as large amount obstacle welfare services

A part of the user burden that we paid to the following cases is returned. (application is necessary at ward offices.)
①When the totals of user burden in household exceed the amount of constant standard

  • About service targeted for adding up

It is for user burden (10% share) to depend on the use of the following services.

○Service fee (limited to combination of service based on person with a disability synthesis support law) based on Nursing Care Insurance Law
(example) visit care, temporary nursing at home, visit bathing, tsusho rehabilitation, the welfare tool loan

○Service fee based on person with a disability synthesis support law
(example) home care, severe visit care, short-term entrance, working shift, continuation support

○Self-burden of assistive device costs

○Service fee of "child with a disability support" (entrance, tsusho) based on the Child Welfare Law
(example) authority of child with a disability place support (day service (elderly day care) such as elementary school student development support, after school), child with a disability entrance support

  • Amount of standard ... 37,200 yen

But it is sum of either high in the amount of upper limit listed in identification of recipient (4,600 yen, 9,300 yen, 37,200 yen) when case and one child with a disability that brothers of child with a disability use service each use identification of plural recipients.

②When it is identification which caught obstacle welfare service, and the income situation, degree and others of obstacle are using the following The Long-term Care Insurance services in people of need of nursing care 1-5 among corresponding to fate of cabinet ordinance currently for five years before it reaches 65 years old
○Visit care, tsushokaimamori, short-term entrance life care, local authority of coherence type place care, small scale multifunctional model home care

(i) Reduction plan for the actual expenses burden

The food expenses in facility and the actual expenses (as for medical expenses , the daily necessities costs) of photothermal water costs and the food expenses in tsusho services are paid privately. In this way, expense burden becomes fair even if we live in facility even if we live at home. But there is reduction of taxes according to income.

The actual expenses burden on entrance facility reduction of taxes (supplementary benefit)

Even if low-income people pay user burden and the actual expenses burden, it reduces taxes so that a certain amount (*) remains at hand.
*For details, please refer to Health and Welfare Center of ward to live.

The rent furtherance (supplementary benefit) of group home

For user (except inhabitants' tax taxation household) of group home, we support rent in the upper limit for monthly basis 10,000 yen.

The food expenses reduction of taxes such as tsusho services

The amount of social security (or Chinese residual Japaneses receive support payment by the support method), municipal tax tax exemption and municipal tax income allotment reduces personnel expenses equivalency in the food expenses to people in household of less than 160,000 yen (with less than 280,000 yen in child with a disability and facility entrance people under 20).

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