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Supply decision procedure for welfare service

Last update date July 17, 2020

Supply decision procedure for welfare service

We transparentize procedure and standard and clarify to realize use of fair service by person with a disability synthesis support law. Examination judges obstacle support division based on authorized investigation into national general standard and assessment consisting of doctor statements of position by care payment in the examination committee set up by the municipalities. We authorize obstacle support division based on the examination judgement result (the second judgment) in the municipalities.
In this obstacle support division, it is taking into consideration matter for supply such as care payment costs to be decided with "the use intention of service" "the situation such as social activity or caregiver, the residence".

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Flow until use of service

Obstacle support division and available service

For the welfare service of care payment, there is thing which constant obstacle support division and other requirements are necessary for.
※We can use 1...50 year old or more from division 2.
※We can use 2...50 year old or more from division 3.
※3 ... muscular dystrophy patient, seriously ill people experiencing disability are available from division 5.

Obstacle division and list of available services
Service name Non-pertinence Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
Home care X * * * * * *
Company protection * * * * * * *
Action protection X X X * * * *
Severeness visit care X X X X * * *
Severeness people with a disability contain, and they are supported X X X X X X *
Life care X X


* * * *
Medical treatment care X X X X X ※3 *
Facility entrance support X X X ※2 * * *
Short-term entrance X * * * * * *

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