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Payment of independence support medical care (upbringing medical care)

Last update date July 2, 2020

Important news

[about validity extension correspondence with the outbreak situation of new coronavirus infectious disease] (May 15, 2020)
Measures of extension were taken from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for validity to evade consultation only for the purpose of the acquisition of medical statement of position of re-authorization based on influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.
As a result, we decide to cope as follows at present.

Correspondence policy

・About identification of independence support medical care (upbringing medical care) recipient that validity expires during from March, 2020 to February, 2021 you have, we omit re-certification application procedure and decide to follow during period that we extended for one year, and to be able to use identification of recipient who, in fact, is issued by object recipient now.
・About thing which has already accepted re-certification application, we perform shipment of identification of new recipient as usual now.
・About new application, the suburbs transference, change application, application is necessary as usual. As you accept application by mail, please use.


With independence support medical care (upbringing medical care)

Children under 18 lighten physical obstacle in the designated medical institution, and revive; when treat, of medical expenses
Public expenditure is system to hold. (other than the harness costs for treatment, it becomes medical payment in kind.)
Self-pay is principle 10%. (but the upper limit is established in self-burden of monthly basis according to income.)
In addition, constant income or more household (the same insurance) of (the amount of municipal tax income percent such as house borrowed money before special tax credit, donation subtraction 235,000 yen or more)
When we do not correspond to "severeness and continuation" in people belonging to this, public expenditure becomes not intended.

As a general rule, prior application is necessary.
But please consult as we accept subsequent application just after birth when disorder is treated with emergency surgeries for lifesaving.
In addition, when, as of April, 2020, there is unavoidable reason such as not being able to submit upbringing medical care statement of position under influence due to new coronavirus,
We accept subsequent application.

 You can see list of designated medical institutions in Yokohama-shi from the following.
 ("only rebirth" and listed medical institution, Medical consultation fee do not give upbringing medical care in column of the right-side end.)
 [Excel]Independence support medical care (rebirth, upbringing) designated medical institution (Excel: 546KB)

 About medical institution out of Yokohama-shi, please confirm in the local government of the medical institution location.

 As of April, 2020, we perform application acceptance by mail as new coronavirus infection preventive measures temporarily.
       Destination of application documents: Ward office Children and Families Support Division (it has the same as application window) of ward to live
                     ※From ward name button under page, address fits column on homepage of each ward office.
       Ask: Phone number which can connect with Japan and China whether documents do not have omission of entry and error when it is mailed
           Or please fill in fax number by all means.
           (when there is necessary matter of defect and confirmation to documents, we contact.)            
[application window] Each ward Health and Welfare Center

Target person

In children (until the day of 18-year-old birthday before last) whom protector has Address in Yokohama-shi under 18, we have target disability,
Or by treatment that there is disease admitted that we will leave obstacle in the future when we leave unattended and operates in the designated medical institution of upbringing medical care
That can expect certain effect that the disorder is eliminated, and is reduced

Target obstacle

1 visual impairment
2 hearing ・EquilibriumIt is dysfunction (let's go)
3 sounds, language, chewing dysfunction
4 limbs inconvenience
5 heart dysfunction
6 kidney dysfunction
7 small intestine dysfunction
8 liver dysfunction
The 9 or other internal organs dysfunction
Dysfunction (HIV) due to 10 human immunodeficiency virus of immunity

Contents of payment

Copayment of medical service under health insurance (thing which employee health insurance is applied to) to depend on treatment of target obstacle in designated medical institution is object of payment.

※Employee health insurance expense out of the application and hospitalization meal charges such as hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan charges are inapplicable. (as for the social security receipt household as for the hospitalization meal charges
 We become a target.)

Except harness costs for treatment, thing finishing payment (payment) with medical institution is excluded. We cannot receive refund later.

Target period

Target period varies according to type of obstacle and treatment regimens.

As a general rule, in the range of less than three months, it becomes interval for the medical treatment possibility period that specialist in designation lists in upbringing medical care statement of position.

As for artificial dialysis and antiHIV therapy, antitherapy after kidney, liver, heart transplant of immunity, central venous feeding method of the small intestine dysfunction, the teeth-straightening associated with cleft palate,
There is target thing until up to one year, too. (there is re-authorization by application)

About heart dysfunction, (less than three months) applies only for length of stay with operation.

Thing, documents necessary for application

"1 please see information for independence support medical care" (upbringing medical care).
I hand paper at application window (Children and Families Support Division) of ward office. We can download from the following. (there is July 1, 2020 style revision)

Flow after application

1. Application is accepted, and examine in Yokohama City Hall without defects to documents, and is usually around one month when is authorized; from ward office
 "Upbringing medical care certificate" and "the amount of self-pay upper limit management vote" (as, as for the person of social security, there is not self-pay as for the amount of self-pay upper limit management vote
 ) which there is not is mailed to home. (you are delivered in ordinary mail, and please be careful as you are not transferred.)

2. If upbringing medical care certificate arrives, at the time of payment with medical institution in accounts window with health insurance card and upbringing medical care certificate,
Please show the   amount of amount of self-pay upper limit upper limit management vote together. (as for the person having Medical Certificate for infant medical institution in Kanagawa
 If there is in this, you can use together.)
 If there is not the presentation of upbringing medical care certificate, upbringing medical care is not applied and is handled as general medical service under health insurance (self-pay 20%-30% burden),
 10% is not charged.

3. Person whom harness costs for treatment are demanded from, please submit request documents to application window after identification of recipient arrived.
 (about request procedure "7 look at about request for harness costs for treatment".)

4. When upbringing medical care is not authorized, "independence support medical care non-authorization notification" is mailed to home by ward office.
 (delivery in ordinary mail.)

5. Even if it is past one month from application without notification such as documents defects in particular from ward office; upbringing medical care certificate or independence support medical care
 When neither of non-authorized notification arrives, sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to ward office Children and Families Support Division which you applied for. 

Application window, reference

Inquiry about application window, procedure

To ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward to live
Phone number, fax number of ".information 1 for independence support medical care" (upbringing medical care) please see page for the last time.
You can look at the location from button of the ward name under page on homepage of each ward office.

Inquiry about system

Person in charge of Yokohama City Hall Health and Social Welfare Bureau medical assistance section welfare medical care
Telephone 045-671-4115 FAX 045-664-0403

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Telephone: 045-671-4115

Telephone: 045-671-4115

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