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Grant of the welfare special ticket

Last update date March 11, 2019

Grant (body, intellectual mind) of the welfare special ticket

Route bus (we include some suburbs section.which operates the Yokohama city ), Yokohama municipal subway (the whole line) except late-night express bus, express bus
And it becomes free when we use Kanazawa Seaside Line (the whole line). To receive grant, annual sum 1,200 yen (under 20 years old
User contribution of annual sum 600 yen) is necessary for this.

[target person]

Which does not receive grant of use of welfare taxi ticket in one of under house ino 70 years old in the city corresponding to any of the following
※One to hope for at 70 years or older issues identification of respect for the old special ride.
(1)One that has certificate of the physically disabled 1-4 grade
(2)It is lower than intelligence quotient 75 and judged in one or person with a disability rebirth counselor's office, children's guidance office having notebook (nursing notebook) A1 - B2 of love
(3)One that has mental patient health welfare notebook 1-3 grade

[necessary thing]

Certificate of the physically disabled, notebook (nursing notebook) of love or mental patient health welfare notebook


Bring notebook; and to each ward Health and Welfare Center

[about update after the next time]

As we mail to the next time targeted for the welfare for validity about ticket application and payment notice sequentially in particular in around the end of August,
It is not necessary to apply some other time.
[when we change to use of welfare taxi ticket in) in September in - next year in (October during validity]
About target use of welfare taxi ticket, change to use of welfare taxi ticket is possible.
※Change is limit once during validity.
※We issue *7 piece of number of the moon until month (September) at the end of the moon - validity changing.
※As *kyu with the welfare special ticket and use of welfare taxi ticket is not made, ticket, please return the welfare in particular.
※The welfare special ticket varies in obi color in sex.


※The welfare special ticket is available only for deliverer. Please never perform that you lend another person including family and that you transfer (you collect ticket as invalidity and stop grant of afterward for a certain period of time. In addition) that zounchin may be collected from traffic company.

[, from October 1, 2013, system changed]

・Grant object is extended to person (the notebook B2 owner of love) of intelligence quotient 51-75
・We introduce user contribution annual sum 1,200 yen (as for under 20 years old annual sum 600 yen)

2010 welfare pass questionnaire count result (PDF: 905KB)

In Yokohama-shi, we are pushing forward "reliable measure for the future" based on person with a disability plan (the second) now,
Support that is necessary for person who is easy to use current various moving support measures including the welfare pass and use of welfare taxi ticket more in that, and is necessary
We perform examination to rebuild to be performed appropriately.
We grasp what kind of use the welfare pass user is doing as reference of the examination this time about the current situation of the welfare pass
We carried out user questionnaire for the purpose of thing.

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