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Discount of toll road toll

Last update date March 11, 2019

Discount (intellectual body) of toll road toll

When we correspond to discount object and we discount beforehand and register, on expressway, toll is discounted. (as for up to 50% of discount)

System summary
[targeted for discount](1)When person with a disability drives
It applies to all receiving grant of certificates of the physically disabled.
(discount registration is possible by cars which (※) such as the person or relative owns for riding.)
(2)When other than person with a disability runs, and person with a disability rides
Certificate of the physically disabled or love (one of "the first kind") to have severe disability in in one receiving grant of notebook (nursing notebook) applies.
(when the person or relative does not own car as for the cars which the person or relative owns for riding, discount registration is possible by passenger use cars which which we continue person with a disability and care for routinely owns.)
※Ranges such as relatives assume spouse, lineal relationship by blood and spouse, siblings and the spouse and relative of living together.
※(1)(2)As for becoming a target with case of this, one, car is not for car of use of car, corporation possession, corporation for business only for thing owned by individual for one. In addition, rent-a-car, taxi, light truck, the borrowing car, loaner at the time of car inspection, repair do not become a target of this discount, too.
[discount registration]Discount registration is necessary before using discount. You discount in ward Health and Welfare Center, and please register next [necessary thing] after preparation.
[necessary thing]Certificate of the physically disabled or notebook (nursing notebook) of love, automatic car inspection visa, driver's license (when person with a disability is operated)
※In the case of use of ETC, can confirm ETC vehicle installation device management number in addition to the above (ETC vehicle installation device setup application, certificate), ETC card (as for person name, but name of pro-incarnation or legal guardian as for the] (2) of the minority targeted for [discount object)
[usage](1)When we do not use ETC
You show page where toll road discount registration of notebook (nursing notebook) of certificate of the physically disabled or love was performed mention (we list in ward Health and Welfare Center) of by tollgate person in charge, or hand notebook. After the confirmation of person in charge, please pay rate.
(2)When we use ETC
We insert ETC card registered beforehand in registered ETC vehicle installation device (thing which was attached to car listed in notebook, and worked on setup by car concerned), and radio, please pass ETC lane. In addition, it is payment that we hand ETC card to tollgate person in charge in cases that bar does not open by case and communication error that ETC lane is not available to by check of ETC lane. In this case, even in the case of payment by ETC card registered beforehand, the presentation of (nursing notebook) such as notebooks of certificate of the physically disabled to person in charge or love is necessary. When we do not show notebook, discount is not applied.
[window]Each ward Health and Welfare Center

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