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Social Capital promotion

Last update date May 23, 2019

The latest leaflet

Oneself is fine, too! Area is fine, too! Point ... for local action that ... none can play an active part

"Social Capital" which expresses connection with people and person. Generally, it is unfamiliar words, but is used as words to express the "local power" "real ability of inhabitants" these days.
If connection with people and person becomes active, participation in local action of inhabitants becomes active, too, good activation of the richness and local action of local human relations; circulate. In addition, it is revealed that social Capital has an influence that it is good for health.
We made social Capital promotion leaflet of "product for people engaged in local action". As you gather up point to want you to share between worked on in area to aim at local action that anyone can play an active part, in the case of local action, please utilize by all means.

Leaflet "oneself is fine, too! Area is fine, too!" Point ... for local action that ... none can play an active part

  • "Social Capital" which expresses connection with people and person?
  • Why is interchange between generations good?
  • Point to further enliven activity
  • Interchange (Kanazawa Ward) with senior and elementary school student through flower bed activity
  • Interchange (Izumi Ward) between generations through village forest experience

Past leaflet

Connection de health promotion

We add to moderate exercise or meal, non-smoking that we got of balance, and it is said that it is healthy, and it has a mental and physical effect including participation in interchange with area and various activities to make "connection" positively.
We made leaflet "connection de health promotion" to have citizen's all of you know this as approach of "Yokohama smile plan" widely in Yokohama-shi.
We illustrate hints for effect and approach of "connection" by illustration and comics clearly. Check it out!

Leaflet "connection de health promotion"

  • Well, let's work! Which type are "connection de health promotion" you?
  • Participation in ... social activities is the secret of spirit with "connection de health promotion"! ...
  • Both individual and area make "connection" health!
  • This is established! "Connection de health promotion"
  • Hint for activity to last long

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