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The first Yokohama-shi community-based welfare plan

Last update date February 21, 2019

pdfThe whole sentence PDF version (PDF: 1,263KB)
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pdfIn plan development words (PDF: 163KB) of words, development chairperson of ... mayor
pdfAt table of contents, the reference example index, beginning framework of plan (PDF: 141KB)
pdfFrom I why, community-based welfare plan (PDF: 44KB) or 8 to 15 pages

  1. Past approach
  2. Purpose of community-based welfare plan development
  3. Leading business

pdfFrom development (PDF: 307KB) of community-based welfare of II Yokohama 16 to 47 pages

  1. Basic viewpoint of plan development, promotion
  2. We remake "connection" of community

pdfFrom development (PDF: 139KB) of community-based welfare of II Yokohama 48 to 70 pages

  1. We make structure that support reaches necessary person precisely
  2. Upbringing of person engaged in the welfare

pdfFrom action plan (PDF: 58KB) of III city 71 to 79 pages

  1. The government works on base maintenance of community-based welfare.
  2. Upbringing of community-based welfare coordinator (tentative name)
  3. The foundation of the Yokohama welfare, health college (tentative name)

pdfThe IV promotion evaluation system and 80 pages of process of future (PDF: 14KB)
pdfAll cities plan, point A3 (PDF: 140KB)

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