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The fourth Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning evaluation

We carry out "evaluation" of plan to confirm progress by the fourth Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning regularly, and to be able to connect to promotion of better approach.

Last update date March 30, 2020

Evaluation method of plan

Evaluation time of 1 plan

 The fourth Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning performs middle evaluation in 2021 (Raiwa 3) that is the middle year of plan promotion. Afterwards, we evaluate the promotion situation that it lets the whole plan period go through in 2023 (Raiwa 5) of the last year of plan promotion for the last time and announce result.
 In addition, about result of evaluation, we let promotion policy of city plan approach that is in the latter half of period reflect middle evaluation and shall make use of the last evaluation in development of fifth City plan.

2 evaluation contents, procedure

 We judge from viewpoint whether approached "figure to aim" at how generally from both sides of fixed-quantity (quantity) and qualitative (quality), and evaluation of city plan evaluates the promotion situation such as the following approaches based on "evaluation index" to set in each emphasis item.
・City, ward, local approach for local problem solution
・Measure and business of city limits to push forward community development
・Activity that inhabitants can keep being independent
・Activities that a variety of main constituents such as company, facility, company, NPO corporation, school cooperate with inhabitants and collaborate and push forward                                                                    
[constitution item of evaluation]
① Evaluation index
On fixed-quantity evaluation, we set thing which we could chase by expressing result of approach, activity to get closer to figure to aim at with number and aging for "evaluation index".
② Qualitative evaluation viewpoint
On qualitative evaluation, we set thing to confirm in qualitative viewpoint not to be able to express with thing and future problem and numbers such as it being (progress) that we performed to push forward approach, activity (result) to approach figure which aimed at "we rolled up various main constituents and repeated meetings" as "qualitative evaluation viewpoint".                                           
[procedure of evaluation]
Procedure 1:
About 12 emphasis items placed for each pillar of three promotion, we grasp the approach situation of secular variation of "evaluation index" and "qualitative evaluation viewpoint", and fixed-quantity performs qualitative evaluation.
Procedure 2:
We examine how long got closer to "figure to aim" at for each 12 emphasis items. At this chance, "result" and "progress", we examine with "dekitakoto, thing that we did" and viewpoint of "problem" and perform global assessment every pillar of three promotion based on consideration result.                                                                   
[viewpoint of evaluation]
By evaluation, we identify the approach situation as "result" in viewpoint of "progress" like list shown below.

Viewpoint of evaluation

About 3 evaluations and social turn of eventss and other relations with measures

 Evaluation index and the approach situation of qualitative evaluation viewpoint of 5 years consider influence such as not only result of approach of plan but also society turn of eventss or other measures and evaluate generally.

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