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About kerosene leak accident from polycontainer for kerosene transportation

Last update date January 22, 2019


While we put transportation container (kerosene kan, 20 liters) for kerosene in the automatic car boot in 2006 and carried kerosene, accident that kerosene began to leak from storing entrance occurred.

This container was thing which passed container performance test by the Fire Services Act, but kerosene has begun to leak without being sealed well by malfunction of process of manufacture because we lacked height of convex screw part.

Polykanno image for kerosene

Distributors collect, but are not leading to all article collections now.

Please confirm sale store name of this container, identification method on homepage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency and distributor. (there are no sale results in Kanagawa.)

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To handle kerosene safely

  • When you carry dangerous materials such as kerosene or gasoline by the Fire Services Act, you store in container which adapted to standard to establish in firefighting laws and ordinances, and please carry.

Recommended indication and authorized indication
This label is put on container which passed container performance test by the Fire Services Act.

  • Please never pour gasoline into container for exclusive use of kerosene. Container deteriorates and is transformed and might leak.
  • When we fill up with gas oil stove, let's fill up with gas after extinguishing a fire of oil stove once by all means.
  • For prevention of ignition, let's separate container from machine appliance emitting fire and spark.
  • We avoid direct rays of the sun, and let's keep in dark place to prevent deterioration of container.
  • It will prevent you from putting in place becoming trouble of evacuation including bottom of the entrance and stairs.
  • We close cover of container well, and let's keep so that flammable steam does not flow out.

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