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About the handling of kerosene in service station

Last update date February 7, 2019

Car, motorcycle, motor bike cannot oil fuel tank of (they say "cars" as follows.) with kerosene directly at service station.

What we can oil with kerosene by employee of service station from fixed lubrication facilities (weighing machine for kerosene) of service station

  1. Container (thing which adapted to standard of the Fire Services Act)
  2. Tank (tanker) which is with 4,000 liters in capacity fixed to vehicle or less of

What customer oneself can oil at service station of self-method becomes only container which we advocated to 1.

In addition, when see act to fill up with gas with turning on air-conditioner of car in the summer, but fill up cars with gasoline, light oil; such as cars
It is established in the Fire Services Act to stop engine.

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