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Instructions in case of self-refueling

We settled precaution so that citizen's all of you could use for relief, security. Oil such as gasoline is fixed for "dangerous materials" by the Fire Services Act. Gasoline just fires immediately and is danger to fire easily if kerosene, light oil soak into clothes. You protect next, and please fill up with gas safely.

Last update date July 26, 2019

Attention on the occasion of refueling

Of oil blow, and spill

  1. If refueling nozzle comes in well to the depths, and refueling stops automatically, it will prevent you from performing further, pouring more. In addition, after filling up with gas; of cap let's be careful to forget to close.
  2. We can perform by simple operation, but on the other hand oil is easy to overflow than car of normal oil filler port when we add and perform act, and refueling to capless oil filler port is dangerous at all. We insert refueling nozzle well, and we add, and let's certainly stop act commencing with refueling slowly.

The electrostatic removal

It might become fire source when charged with static electricity to body, clothes. It is easy to dry in winter in particular, and electrostatic outbreak increases. On refueling, please fill up with gas after touching the electrostatic removal facilities in weighing machine. In addition, attention is necessary as we spread instantly when fire reaches chemical fibers such as fleece.

Engine shutdown that is filling up with gas

Let's stop engine of car during refueling. Steam generated from gasoline might catch fire. Naturally smoking in the stands is strictly prohibited.

Act that customer oneself can perform in self-stand

  1. Fill up car, motorcycle, fuel tank of motor bicycle with gasoline or light oil directly.
  2. Repack kerosene in container.

It is forbidden container to repack gasoline customer oneself in self-stand.
When you repack gasoline in container and purchase, please ask employee of service station.
In addition, please use adapted thing for the Fire Services Act about container.

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