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Let's be careful about the handling of gasoline to use in event!

Last update date May 1, 2020

Explosion fatal and injury accident occurred in the fireworks festival venue in Kyoto in August, 2013.
When a lot of stores using fire may open a store in venues such as events that unspecified number of the general public participates in, and fire happens once in venue, it is felt uneasy about that damage grows big.
Because ignition point is low, and gasoline used in generators in particular is in danger of catching fire easily, attention is particularly necessary for transportation and the handling of gasoline.

Because we do not cause unexpected accident,
Canned gasoline carrying
Let's use definitely.

For more details, please confirm the next PDF file!
About the handling of canned carrying (PDF: 427KB)

Ask inquiry about transportation of dangerous materials with canned carrying to fire department Prevention Division of the jurisdiction.

  • Tsurumi fire department 503-0119
  • Kanagawa fire department 316-0119
  • Nishi fire department 313-0119
  • Naka fire department 251-0119
  • Minami fire department 253-0119
  • Konan fire department 844-0119
  • Hodogaya fire department 342-0119
  • Asahi fire department 951-0119
  • Isogo fire department 753-0119
  • Kanazawa fire department 781-0119
  • Kohoku fire deparment 546-0119
  • Midori fire department 932-0119
  • Aoba fire department 974-0119
  • Tsuzuki fire department 945-0119
  • Totsuka fire department 881-0119
  • Sakae fire department 892-0119
  • Izumi fire department 801-0119
  • Seya fire department 362-0119

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Telephone: 045-334-6407

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