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Let's prevent fire from cooker!

Last update date February 25, 2019

The outbreak situation of fire with cooker

Fire that occurred in the Yokohama city by the end of 2018 was 702 cases, and fire (after, "cooker fire") that occurred for cooker soon was 83 cases.
All 63 of 275 cases became "cooker fire" when we paid more attention to the inner house fire and were the fire cause top of house fire.

Graph of main cause of house fire during 2018

Use leaving is careful to forget to put out

While you use fire, do not leave the place.

Among cooker fires half or more use leaving of cooker put out, and is bo rega cause.

Real fire example

  • After setting fire to cooker, and cooking pork kakuni, we slept and the contents of pan were carbonized with progress of time and lighted the sky and were in a condition, and a fire broke out afterwards. We have call and we are separated from gas ring and catch fire from cooking oil
  • After leaving the place as there was a phone call after having lighted gas cooker to cook fried food to heat pan with cooking oil, cooking oil was overheated with progress at time, and a fire broke out. (as for the cooking oil, temperature of oil catches fire in 360 degrees Celsius or more.)
  • We put oil treatment agent in oil which became cold to treat oil which we had finished using, and when we heated up, we left the place, and a fire broke out.

It is example that it did not lead to for fire if all three points of them are in the place or if we put out fire. When we leave never leaving the place during cooking and the place, the most important thing is to put out fire by all means.

Cooker (Si sensor cooker) with safety device

Si sensor cooker is cooker equipped with safe sensor in all burners. All cookers sold after October, 2008 become Si sensor cooker.

Main function of Si sensor cooker

  • "Cooking oil overheat prevention device" which extinguishes a fire automatically when we sense temperature of oil, and temperature of the lowest state reaches 250 degrees Celsius, and prevents ignition of oil
  • "It dies out safety device" which intercepts gas when fire goes out in overboiled soup
  • "We put out and forget fire extinguishing function" to extinguish a fire of cooker and fire of grilled fish grill in a given period of time

As the above-mentioned function is equipped with as standard, we can prevent outbreak of fire even if we forget to put out fire by any chance.

Mark of Si sensor cooker and photograph

How about examining exchange in family who has not used Si sensor cooker yet?

For damage heavy as for the clothing firing

Fire of cooker spreads to the cuffs during cooking, and clothing firing means fire that fired clothes which fire wears.

Real fire example

When we stretched out hand on the gas cooker to take thing of the depths of cooker, fire approaches sleeve of clothing and fires.
※When fire spreads to clothes, it may lead to severe burn and fatal accident. We will know following precautions and actions to be taken.


  • Let's avoid cooking with loose clothes.
  • Let's put sleevelet and apron at the time of cooking.
  • Let's utilize flame-proof product (product that processing to disappear if we got rid of source without spreading even if it caught fire was done).

Actions to be taken

If flame spreads to clothing, you sprinkle water nearby calmly without being upset and extinguish a fire, or you swat, and please put out with towels by any chance.
Cannot reach with backs, with water when cannot extinguish a fire, fall down to the place, and fall down from side to side, and please put out.

Let's tidy up care, people of cooker.

It is hard to clean oil dirt of cooker, but there is the risk that stuck oil is heated, and a fire breaks out when we use with leaving these. In addition, there is the risk to lead to leaving thing which is easy to burn in people for fire.

Real fire example

  • It was overheated oil of fish which collected to saucer of grill, and a fire broke out during cooking in grill.
  • Fire of cooker spread to neighboring junks, and a fire broke out because we put kettle on cooker without arranging junk on cooker and lighted.


  • The grill will clean diligently.
  • Let's never stop to prevent dirt of the cooker circumference as it is very dangerous circumference of cooker and to pull newspaper and plastic sheet below.
  • Let's take distance from cooker to wall surface enough.

Is electric cooking device (IH cooker, electric cooker, electric cooking heater) safe?

We actually image fire from gas cooker to use fire for, and it may be thought, "we do not have fire from electricity cooking device not to use fire." for when we say "cooker fire".
However, nine cases happen from electric cooking device among cooker fires and cannot be careless because they do not use fire.

"Cooker fires" in restaurant increase.

It is thought that cooker fire in house decreases by the spread of fire alarms for Si sensor cooker and house. On the other hand, it is supposed that it often leads to fire as cookers such as restaurant or store have many big mouth cookers without safety device.
In use, please protect instructions which introduced so far including not leaving side, switching off after the use and tidying up people likewise.

Cooker is indispensable thing for everyday life, but fire produces the most by carelessness of user. We will think about prevention of fire from cooker once again at this opportunity.

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