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Fire prevention campaign of the spring of 2020

Last update date February 28, 2020

With spring fire prevention campaign

We prevent outbreak of fire by planning more spread of fire prevention thought on reaching season when fire is easy to occur and carry out for the purpose of preventing outbreak of casualties by fire and loss of property simultaneously nationwide.

General fire prevention motto national in 2019

"We click the like button one by one Confirmation looking out for fire in this"

Implementation period of spring fire prevention campaign

Seven days from Sunday, March 1, 2020 to Saturday, March 7

Origin of period of fire prevention campaign

We came to work on autumn twice fire prevention spring from 1949, but were various by the year for implementation period.
It is now at period of spring fire prevention exercise one week from last day and March 1 to do on March 7 that is autumn fire prevention exercise, "firefighting memorial day" one week from November 9 that is "the 119th day".

March 1 "day of the city simultaneous check" of fire alarm for house

Let's change after the setting using ten years as an indication not to have possibilities to sense fire by running out of life and battery of electronic parts if fire alarm for house becomes old.
We carry out fire alarm check reinforcement campaign for housing as "day of simultaneous check" on March 1 and call "home by check of fire alarm for housing of setting" to fire prevention campaign in Yokohama-shi.

Spring fire prevention campaign emphasis conduct matter

Emphasis conduct matters of Yokohama-shi are as follows.

  1. Check of fire alarm for house, promotion of update and setting promotion to non-setting house
  2. Elderly person fire prevention measures
  3. Preventive measures against arson fires

The number of fires and the damage situation in the city

The number of fires of 2019 is 685 cases, from the previous year of 17 fall, and house fire is 262 cases, from the previous year of 14 fall.
※As number of 2019 is preliminary figure, we may be changed.

Change (unit: matter) of all fires, house fires

Graph of change of all fires, house fires

Change (unit: person) of the death toll by house fire (except arson suicide)

Graph of change of the death toll by house fire (except arson suicide)

Fire cause (unit: matter) of house fire

Table of fire cause of house fire

Maintenance of fire alarm for house

Let's check regularly!

It is apparatus that fire alarm for house senses outbreak of fire early and tells about. Let's carry out check regularly to have you use in peace.

About the operation confirmation

Let's confirm that we carry out check regularly and operate normally.
Let's confirm sound at the time of the operation in total.

Check method

  1. We push test button or draw out drawstring.
  2. Warning sound (buzzer and sound) sounds.
    When warning sound does not sound, running out of battery and trouble are possible.
    ※When there is abnormality, please talk with customer service of store of purchase or maker.

About care

Fire alarm for house may not sense fire normally when we get dust and dirt. Let's clean regularly.
The way of care soaks water or home synthetic detergent into cloth, and please wipe off dirt after squeezing well. (as it causes trouble, please be careful so that water does not invade the inside of alarm. In addition, please work safely as danger such as fall or fall is accompanied.)

Many things move by battery.

When the voltage of battery decreases, we will tell by indication and sound. We recommend exchange using ten years as an indication not to have possibilities to sense fire by running out of life and battery of electronic parts if alarm becomes old.


Measures of cooker fire

While we use cooker, during cooking, we do not leave the place

It leads to tsuiukkariga fire. While you use cooking average and cooker, please never leave the place.

We use fail-safe appliance

There is an effect in prevention of cooking oil overheat device and Si sensor cooker which forgets to put out, and gained fire extinguishing functions for prevention of fire by any chance even if we put out fire and forget.

Rotation and grilled cooker clean diligently

There is example that seedcake in the cooker circumference and grill burns, and fire produced. Please clean cooker and grill diligently.

We do not put thing which is easy to burn around cooker

We put thing which is easy to burn including kitchen pe - par near cooker, and let's stop that we dry dishcloths near the fire. Rotation of cooker tidies and will always clean.

We are careful so that clothes do not catch fire

A lot of accidents that fire of cooker spreads to clothes during cooking occur. Let's be careful so that clothes including the cuffs do not catch fire when we cook. In addition, it will prevent you from putting cooking tool or seasoning in the depths of cooker!

We utilize flame-proof product

Clothing and apron including flame-proof performance are released. Please utilize such a product effectively.

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