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We are careful about stove fires!

Last update date December 5, 2019

In coming season when cold gets into full swing, opportunities using heaters such as stoves increase.
Fire caused by stove tends to increase from December through March, and it is necessary to know danger to hide there behind.

The number of monthly fire occurrence in stove fire (the past ten years)

The number of fires that occurred from stove in Yokohama-shi

Various types are to electric heater, oil stove, gas stove, oil fan heater, stove including oil heater, but it is fear of stove fire that damage is easy to grow big when a fire breaks out with all types once.
Stove fire of 270 the past ten years occurs in Yokohama-shi, and holy life of 35 people is lost, and 123 get injured by burns.
This becomes ratio that is very higher than incidence of casualties by other fire causes.
In addition, fire of the number approximately same as the daytime in (the 22:00 level - 5:00 level) in time considered that many people go to bed occurs when we see the number that occurred according to time, and 17 of 35 dead people by stove fire occur in this time.
Regardless of the night and day, it may be said that further attention is necessary for the handling of stove as we know from here.

The number of outbreak according to stove fire time (the past ten years)

The risk of electric heater

Characteristics of the whole stove fire include that there are many examples that inflammables contact electric heater, and a fire breaks out.
Because electric heater does not take trouble of ventilation without needing fuel such as kerosene, it is apt to be thought that it is simple and is safe, but causes fire if we do not use appropriately.

Comparison between electric heater and other stoves in stove fire (the past ten years)

The situation of firing things (thing which has burnt)

When stove watches fire of fire cause according to firing things, "clothing" is the first place and occupies 28% of the whole, and "oil" such as kerosene continues in the third place "bedclothing such as futon, cushion" in the second place.

The situation (the past ten years) according to firing thing of stove fire

Characteristic and precaution of fire to see according to firing things


  1. A lot of examples to fire laundry dried near the stove occur.
  2. Even if firing thing does not contact stove, it may become fire for heat from stove.


Laundry drops on the oil stove because we dry laundry in the upper part of oil stove and left the place, and a fire breaks out

Example that laundry falls to electric heater, and a fire breaks out

Point to prevent fire

  • It is dangerous upper part of stove and to dry laundry near. Let's absolutely stop.
  • Rotation of stove will always tidy.

Futon, cushion, bedclothing

  1. Most are caused from electric heater. (68 of 71)
  2. We concentrate outbreak in most (39 of 71), time considered that it is while asleep mainly during from 22:00 to 6:00. Futon which you put over may burn, and probability that it is resulted in casualties becomes very higher.


We sleep with turning on stove, and when we tossed about, comforter touches stove, and a fire breaks out

Example that electric heater touches futon, and a fire breaks out

Point to prevent fire

When they leave time and the place to lie, or fire extinguishing switches off by all means, and electric heater or fan heater will touch custom to pull plug out of outlet.

Oil such as kerosene

  1. A fire breaks out with turning on stove because we filled up with gas.
  2. As cover of tank does not close after the refueling properly, fuel leaks, and a fire breaks out.
  3. A fire breaks out because we filled up with wrong fuel including gasoline.


When we fill up with gas cartridge tank with turning on stove and can enter tank room, cover comes because it was shut mariga incompleteness of cover, and kerosene suffers from combustion pipe, and a fire breaks out
We filled up cartridge tank of oil fan heater with gasoline by mistake. After the ignition, internal pressure of cartridge tank which gasoline got mixed with is finished, and gasoline overflows, and flame of the oil fan heater body catches fire, and a fire breaks out

Point to prevent fire

  • At the time of refueling, we extinguish a fire of stove by all means, and let's confirm that cover closes after the refueling well.
  • On refueling, let's confirm type of fuel with mention in instruction manuals.

LP gas such as spray cans

Flammable gas (mainly LP gas) is included in spray can (canned aerosol).

  1. Heated spray can explodes.
  2. Fire of stove catches fire from emitted gas.


  • It is firing to junk which fire of oil stove catches fire from emitted gas and flares up because it jetted insecticide (spray can) to cockroach which there was near the stove, and there was in the neighborhood
  • Hair spray placed before oil fan heater is heated by warm air, and it explodes. Flame of fan heater catches fire from gas of hair spray which exploded on this occasion

Point to prevent fire

  • Near the stove, let's certainly stop putting spray can.
  • When we use spray cans, we are separated from stove enough, and let's do enough ventilation.


It is caused by lack of attention of user, and the most understand the risk and can prevent stove fire until now as we saw if they do right how to use.
We are safe, and let's spend cold time wearing the safe handling method well comfortably.

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