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It is to watch out for electric fire!

Last update date October 15, 2019

It is essential, and, as for the electricity, as for the electric appliance using the electricity, various things are developed in our everyday life.
It is such an imminent electric appliance, but we take the wrong usage and we cause unexpected fire depending on usage environment and may take holy life.
The number of electric fires is leveling-off state while trend toward decreases has the number of fires year by year.

Cause and measures of main electric fire

We are careful about fires from outlet and plug!

Short circuit (short) assumes that outlet and plug use old thing and broken thing and may be overheated.
In addition, moisture or dust attach, and tracking phenomenon is taking place, and fire may occur. Let's be careful about the handling of outlet and plug enough.

[with tracking phenomenon]
When there are moisture or dust in gap of outlet and plug and uses plug and outlet which deteriorated, small spark discharge occurs at the surface, and there is new electric passage (truck). Resin part is gradually carbonized in the part, and electricity begins to flow and may catch fire. This is tracking phenomenon.

Point to prevent

  1. Outlet and plug will keep neatly so that dust does not collect.
  2. Let's treat plug carefully.
  3. It will prevent you from using plug with hurt and the slack.
  4. Plug will come in well
  5. Appliance which we do not daily use switches off, and let's keep in mind to pull outlet.
There was such a fire

We inserted power supply cord plug of refrigerator in outlet of wall. As we kept on having come in, dust between outlet and plugs, and we woke up tracking, and spark was scattered, and power supply cord caught fire, and a fire broke out for a long time.

We are careful about short circuits (short) of electric cord!

Electric cord is crushed under furniture and we injure coating and core line and cause short circuits (short) when we strongly fix cord with nail or staple, and fire may occur. In addition, heat piles up by bundling up cord and coating melts and may cause fire.

We bundle up and wire
Heat piles up on part which bundled up cord.

Point to prevent

  1. Please do not step on cord with furniture.
  2. Please never do that you fix cord with nails.
  3. Let's check position of cord.
  4. It will prevent you from bundling up cord.
There was such a fire
  • We were watching TV, and electricity cord which was crushed under TV stand caster part did short circuit (short), and spark was scattered and spread to carpets.
  • We placed power supply cord of oil heater and kotatsu and used more than current tolerance with bundling up cord of table tap. Then heat collected to cord part which table tap bundled up, and coating melted and did short circuit (short), and spark was scattered and spread to kotatsu coverlets.

We follow electric capacity that we were able to decide!

When electric quantity that we can use is set as for the electric cord and we tie many electric apparatuses and use, we exceed tolerance and may usually have the above-mentioned heat. Then fire may occur for that.

Heat storage by octopus-like legs wiring

Point to prevent

When we use table tap, we will follow electric capacity (current tolerance is displayed to table taps).

There was such a fire

Cord part of table tap was heated, and coating melted and did short circuit (short) because after tying plural appliances such as shredder and copier to table tap, and using, we had gone over current tolerance of table tap, and spark was scattered, and dust caught fire, and a fire broke out.

[with current tolerance]
In standard, it is maximum electric current to be able to apply on electric wires (cable).
[example] When we tie electric pot (985 watts), coffee maker (600 watts) and microwave oven (1,150 watts) to table tap (1,500 watts) and use,
985 watts +600 watt +1,150 watt = 2,735 watts → We exceed 1,500 watts of tolerance!
Power consumption (watt) that we showed on << ※ is one case of a certain product. Power consumption may greatly vary according to type or size of product; >>.

Photograph which showed indication of current tolerance
When we connect electric appliance with table taps, let's warn enough as we may exceed electric tolerance unexpectedly immediately!

We are careful about use leaving of electric appliance, wrong usage!

When apparatus emitting heat such as iron and dryer, electric heater continues contacting inflammables such as futon or clothes with switching on, fire danger increases.
In addition, there is example to become fire for microwave oven. We are in danger of a fire breaking out when we heat thing which you must not put in excessive heating and microwave oven.

Point to prevent

  1. When we leave the place, apparatus emitting heat will switch off by all means.
  2. As some kind of time may be switched on, appliance and apparatus not to use switch off and will pull outlet
  3. It will prevent you from putting inflammables in neighborhood such as electric heater, iron.
  4. Microwave oven will follow instructions such as instruction manual or package of food.
There was such a fire
  • After heating sweet potato in microwave oven, moisture of sweet potato disappeared by surplus heating and was carbonized, and a fire has broken out.

Lithium ion battery

In late years it is lithium ion battery used for various electric appliances, but fires due to that increase, and abnormality may occur due to strong pressure from percharge and outside, defect of product in the inside of lithium ion battery.

Electric apparatus which lithium ion is used for

Lithium ion battery
Electric apparatus which lithium ion battery is used for

When such a symptom comes out, it is to watch out

  1. We cannot charge.
  2. During charge, we have passion more than usual.
  3. Exterior expands and is transformed (battery pack expands).
  4. We drop, and, by shock that we hit on, a part is transformed.
  5. I cut charge suddenly.

Point to prevent

  1. It does not increase stress of shock and transformation by fall.
  2. We leave unattended under the situation of high temperature (on near the heating apparatus and dashboard of car) and do not use charge, apparatus.
  3. We purchase product which adapted to technical standard of the electrical equipment security method (with PSE mark).
There was such a fire.
  • We were walking while charging smartphone from mobile battery which we put in the rucksack, and smoke came out of rucksack, and baggage of the inside was burnt. We woke up short circuit (short), and a fire has broken out because in addition to battery having had possibilities to be damaged when we dropped mobile battery before operated battery in environment where heat in rucksack was easy to stay.
  • There was fire that a fire broke out from battery part of cordless cleaner charging. Although we purchased by net mail order, this battery pack was not pure quality. A part of the safety device is simplified when we disintegrate although we closely resemble with genuine article, and it becomes clear that the inside is damaged, and possibility that that was cause of fire is thought about.

Fire alarm for house

Let's check! Let's change in 10 years

Fire alarm for house informs outbreak of fire by warning sound or sound, and is useful for early detection of fire.
Let's carry out check regularly to have you use in peace.
In addition, we will tell by indication and sound when fire alarm for house moves by battery, and the voltage decreases. Let's change using ten years as an indication not to have possibilities to sense fire by running out of life and battery of electronic parts if alarm becomes old.

There was such a fruition

During bathing preparations, we noticed burning smell and sound of alarm, and flame went up from kotatsu when we went to room, but did not get out of control because we did initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. immediately.

As for the cause of fire example that we introduced this time, most depend on carelessness in management defect and the handling of user.
We deepen knowledge of the safe handling of electricity and electric appliance, and let's prevent outbreak of fire!

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