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Green leaves fire brigade

Last update date July 30, 2020

News from green leaves fire brigade

From green leaves fire station's leader to all of you

 Green leaves fire brigade installed with birth of Aoba Ward on November 6, 1994 reached the 25th anniversary in November, 2019. Thank you very much for understanding, support for fire brigade activity to local all of you.
 Fire brigade is firefighting organization of the municipalities, but member of fire brigade joins based on mind of native district protection "that own area protects in oneself" and hits firefighting without sharing the night and day to protect area.
 However, in late years securing of member of fire brigade becomes difficult with progress of low birthrate and aging or change that is in employment form. Company, group, student or woman perform member offer commencing with cooperation request to Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations in green leaves fire brigade widely.
 Understanding and cooperation of local, please in future as we will work as response to fire and disaster including large-scale earthquake, leader of area disaster prevention including enlightenment of various training and training, fire prevention and emergency relief.

                                                     April 1, 2020 

Green leaves fire station's leader Naoki Yokomizo

Under recruitment of members of fire brigade

※Joining an organization qualification is person and work living in Aoba Ward at 18 years or older or commuted person!

If you would like to join; this!

  ※Please contact person in charge of Aoba fire department fire brigade (telephone 974-0119) if you would like to join green leaves fire brigade.
   In addition, we can apply from the following "joining an organization application"!

It is in green leaves fire brigade, and is it ... nda? ?

≪ To the times when it is new with the new name of an era! ≫

2019 conduct event

2019 conduct event
Date Place Event
Saturday, November 3

Aoba Ward synthesis government building second parking lot and Aoba fire department

Green leaves inhabitant of a ward Festival
(disaster prevention booth exhibition)

It is Friday, January 4 from Thursday, December 20

Whole Aoba Ward The year-end and New Year firefighting special guard
Sunday, January 5, 2020

Green leaves public hall and Aoba Ward synthesis government building second parking lot

Aoba Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades

Activity report

We introduce activity of green leaves fire brigade!

The member of new face fire brigade training (indoor edition)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The member of new face fire brigade training (the outdoors edition)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Upper lifesaving class

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Apparatus handling training

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Stoker technology training

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The first branch office how to handle technique training society

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Information tray transmission training

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Image of communication training
Information tray transmission training utilizing wireless container

Activity of student fire brigade

Basic how to handle training

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Image of drainage training
Under drainage

Training in the figure

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

We confirm dangerous point at the time of from refuge shop evil in ward on figure

First aid treatment general training

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Introduction of green leaves fire brigade

Kawawa fire brigade started by unification of Kawawa, Nakagawa, Yamauchi, Nakazato, Tana, Shinji civil defense unit by the Yokohama-shi fire brigade regulations on March 7, 1948.
Midori Ward did share ward from Kohoku Ward by administrative section reorganization on October 1, 1969, and, also, administrative section reorganization of Kohoku Ward and Midori Ward was performed on November 6, 1994, and two wards of Aoba Ward and Tsuzuki Ward   were born, and green leaves fire brigade started.
In August, 1998, 25 members of woman fire brigade join, and 31 woman members are registered as of June, 2020.
Green leaves fire brigade places 25 appliance depots, 25 loading cars, 31 kahanshikishokatadoryoku pumps, equipments for lifesaving in the whole area in ward, and member of fire brigade engages in fire prevention, disaster prevention activity in ward day and night.

The organization system of green leaves fire brigade

Organization (as of June 1, 2020) of green leaves fire brigade

The fire brigade headquarters

1 headquarters
The number of the branch offices 3 branch offices
The number of the groups 24 groups
The number of the members 451 people
Woman fire brigade number (inner number) 31 people
Loading car 25
Appliance depot 25
kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 31

Lineup according to rank (appointment) of green leaves fire brigade
Rank The staff
Leader One
Vice-leader Two people
Headquarters's manager Four people
Manager of branch office Three people
Manager of vice-branch office Six people
Manager Nine people
Group leader 73 people
Member 353 people

Catchment area of green leaves fire brigade

The first branch office
Group Charge area
The first group 1, Utsukushigaokanishi - 3 (the northern part), Motoishikawacho (the northern part)
The second group 4, Utsukushigaoka, Motoishikawacho 3700-6000 address
The third group Ekoda 1-3 chome, 4, Azamino (the western part), Motoishikawacho (the southern part)
The fourth group 1, Azamino (the northern part), 3, Azamino - 4 (the eastern part), 5, Utsukushigaoka
The fifth group Shinishikawa 1-4 chome, 1, Azamino (the southern part) - 2
The sixth group Edacho (the northern part), 1, Azaminominami - 4
The seventh group Edacho (Oguro), Edanishi 1-2 chome, 1, Edakita - 3
The eighth group Edacho (partly), 3, Edanishi - 5
The ninth group 1, Utsukushigaoka - 3
The tenth group Susukino 1-3 chome, Mominokidai, 3, Utsukushigaokanishi (the southern part)

The second branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Kuroganecho
The second group Kurosuda
The third group Oba-cho, Misuzugaoka
The fourth group Ichigaocho (upper Ichigao)
The fifth group Ichigaocho (lower Ichigao)
The sixth group Jikecho
The seventh group Kamoshidacho, Tachibanadai 1-2 chome, Nareai-cho
The eighth group Kamiyamotocho, Moegino, Mitakedai, Kakinokidai
The ninth group Fujigaoka 1-2 chome, Shimoyamotocho, Chigusadai, Umegaoka

The third branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Wakakusadai, Sakuradai, Aobadai 1-2 chome, Shofuudai (the eastern part), Enokigaoka (the eastern part), Tsutsujigaoka, Shiratoridai, Tanacho (the eastern part), Satsukigaoka
The second group Ondacho (Nakaonda), Tanacho, Katsura stand 1-2 chome, Enokigaoka (the western part), Shofuudai (the western part)
The third group Ondacho (Horinouchi)
The fourth group Ondacho (Uchida, well Kubo), 1, Akanedai - 2
The fifth group Naracho, Nara 1-5 chome, Midoriyama, Sumiyoshidai

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