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Ise Saki fire brigade

Last update date December 18, 2020

News from Ise Saki fire brigade

Application for joining an organization

Step 1

Yokohama-shi fire brigade joining an organization application (the outside site)
Person that joining an organization is hoped for, please use this input form. (after the application, I will inform from the jurisdiction fire brigade)
Person having acquaintance in the jurisdiction fire brigade may have you contact member of fire brigade of acquaintance directly.

Step 2

After procedure for step 1 is completed, please use upper linked material.

Plan of event, activity

Report of activity

Introduction of Ise Saki fire brigade

Ise Saki fire brigade began in fire defense organization of three sets (Ise Saki, Ishikawa, Yamate) of 217 people having been organized in Yokohama-shi in May, 1894 and started as fire brigade by the enforcement of the firefighting Organization Acts on March 7, 1948.

Jurisdiction characteristic of Ise Saki fire brigade

Ise Saki fire brigade has Isezakicho, Nogecho, Hinodecho and Koganecho in jurisdiction, and, in the north side, in Nishi Ward, the east side, in the west, Minami Ward, the south side contact with Yamate fire brigade Kagacho fire brigade, and it is about 2 square kilometers of total areas.
Keihinkyuko Line, municipal subway line go along jurisdiction center to east and west to JR Negishi Line, east and west to the north and south, and the convenience to transportation is very good, and railroad uses a lot tourist commencing with commuting, attending school. As for the grid, Route 16 lies across central part in east and west, and main country path Yokohama Station Negishi Line goes to the north and south, and access by car is good, too, but traffic jam is often seen depending on time.
Including mall that became mall mainly on according to Isezakicho, we are comprised in entertainment district, restaurant district, simple accommodation street, residential area, and this area is lined with high-rise buildings in majority. In addition, Noge street performance is held in Nogecho which developed from the shortly after time after the war, and it is in corner of center of Yokohama where many tourists gather.

The organization system of Ise Saki fire brigade

Organization (April 1, 2020) of Ise Saki fire brigade
The fire brigade headquarters 1 headquarters
The number of the branch offices 3 branch offices
The number of the groups Eight groups
The number of the members 147 people
Woman fire brigade number (inner number) 56 people
Loading car Six
Appliance depot Nine
kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 12

Lineup according to rank (appointment) of Ise Saki fire brigade
Rank The staff
Leader One
Vice-leader Two people
Headquarters's manager Three people
Manager of branch office Three people
Manager of vice-branch office Six people
Manager 17 people
Group leader 20 people
Member 95 people

Catchment area of Ise Saki fire brigade

The first branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Uchidacho, Sakuragicho 1-3 chome, Hanasaki-cho 1-3 chome, Nogecho 1-4 chome, Miyagawacho 1-3 chome
The second group Hinodecho 1-2 chome
The third group Hatsunecho 1-3 chome, Koganecho 1-2 chome, Hanabusacho, 1, Akamoncho

The third branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Ishikawa-machi 1-5 chome, Uchikoshi
The second group Ogicho 1-4 chome, Kotobukicho 1-4 chome, Chitose-cho, Chojamachi 1, Matsukagecho 1-4 chome, Miyoshicho, Yoshihama-cho

The second branch office
Group Catchment area
The first group Isezakicho 1-3 chome, Oginamachi 1-2 chome, Suehirocho 1-3 chome, Chojamachi 2-9 chome, Hagoromocho 1-3 chome, Bandai-cho 1-3 chome, Fukutomichonakadori, Fukutomichonishidori, Fukutomichohigashidori, Furochou 1-3 chome, Horai-cho 1-3 chome, Yoshida-cho
The second group Sueyoshicho 1-4 chome, Wakaba-cho 1-3 chome
The third group Akebonocho 1-5 chome, Isezakicho 4-7 chome, Fujimi-machi, Yamada-machi, Yamabukicho, Yayoicho 1-5 chome

Training, education material

Joining an organization (dismissal from an organization) time required documents

Member of fire brigade dossier

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