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About examination of evacuation action at the time of disaster on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease

Last update date June 25, 2020

3 conditions of "sealing, crowd, closeness" are easy to be equal in evacuation sites in case of typhoon and major earthquake while caution to new coronavirus continues,
There is concern about outbreak of cluster.

When disaster occurs under such situation in Motoichi, we carry out disinfection, ventilation, hand-washing in evacuation sites, a cough etiquette thoroughly and,
We try for the number of the establishment of evacuation sites and increase of life space.

On the other hand, evacuation is that "hi" rejects "difficulty", and it is not evacuation action only to go in evacuation sites.
I would like prior examination about evacuation action at the time of disaster.

About evacuation action at the time of disaster

When you can ensure the security at home, please try for at-home evacuation including home upper rank.

In addition, we assume not only evacuation sites which the government opens but also safe relative and friend's house place of refuge,
Let's examine evacuation sites beforehand.

In addition, please include mask, thermometer in evacuation materials to bring when we shelter in evacuation sites.

Please refer for examination of <evacuation action as follows;>

Urgent evacuation sites designated about refuge, evacuation sites, cf. designated refuge
About evacuation sites opened at the time of storm and flood damage, it is the reference
My timeline is the reference

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We support and are in charge of General Affairs Bureau area Disaster Prevention Section evacuation (thing about establishment, administration of refuge, evacuation sites)
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