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Totsuka Ward

Last update date March 25, 2020

[Totsuka Ward] The designated situation of designated urgent evacuation sites

When administration announces evacuation warning at the time of disaster, we choose establishment place by disaster scale and the situation and open designated urgent evacuation sites.
Not the whole school, we appoint for each ridge of school building and gymnasium. In addition, we can confirm ridge number with the first piece of drawing (number is any number).
[Totsuka Ward] The designated situation (PDF: 117KB) of designated urgent evacuation sites

List of drawings

We publish drawing of school in the first piece of PDF (without influence by abnormal phenomenon only as for one piece). We publish drawing of influence range by abnormal phenomenon after the second piece.
1.Tozuka Elementary School (PDF: 1,706KB)
2.Gumizawa Elementary School (PDF: 846KB)
3.Higashitotsuka Elementary School (PDF: 1,670KB)
4.Taisho elementary school (PDF: 740KB)
5.Willow tit elementary school (PDF: 703KB)
6.Yabe Elementary School (PDF: 869KB)
7.Yokohama Fukaya stand elementary school (PDF: 1,393KB)
8.Upper part of a river Elementary School (PDF: 770KB)
9.Kashio Elementary School (PDF: 1,500KB)
10. Upper part of a river north Elementary School (PDF: 471KB)
11. Fukaya Elementary School (PDF: 592KB)
12. South Tozuka Elementary School (PDF: 1,631KB)
13. Hirato Elementary School (PDF: 1,197KB)
14. East Gumizawa Elementary School (PDF: 809KB)
15. Naze Elementary School (PDF: 1,785KB)
16. Fukaya Junior High School (PDF: 660KB)
17. Hirato stand elementary school (PDF: 1,789KB)
18. Torigaoka Elementary School (PDF: 632KB)
19. Minamimaioka Elementary School (PDF: 1,904KB)
20. Kamiyabe Elementary School (PDF: 803KB)
21. Article body elementary school (PDF: 705KB)
22. Akiba Elementary School (PDF: 1,774KB)
23. Higashimata field Elementary School (PDF: 702KB)
24. Maioka Elementary School (PDF: 2,138KB)
25. Kurata Elementary School (PDF: 746KB)
26. The east article body elementary school (PDF: 523KB)
27. Lower village Elementary School (PDF: 1,758KB)
28. Boundary tree junior high school (PDF: 634KB)
29. Tozuka Junior High School (PDF: 773KB)
30. Taisho junior high school (PDF: 763KB)
31. Maioka Junior High School (PDF: 1,088KB)
32. Toyoda junior high school (PDF: 787KB)
33. Gumizawa Junior High School (PDF: 604KB)
34. Naze Junior High School (PDF: 847KB)
35. South Tozuka Junior High School (PDF: 559KB)
36. Boundary tree elementary school (PDF: 275KB)

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