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Basic way of thinking

Last update date February 14, 2019

Basic way of thinking of the charter establishment

We were made to realize that it was impossible to completely prevent outbreak of disaster again by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Therefore it is way of thinking of "reduce disaster damage" to become important. Perfection cannot prevent, but can reduce. And therefore "everyday possess of each citizen and cannot miss" (self support) and "cooperation (community support) in area".
Also, that prayed for what was succeeded more than generation and devised "Yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter" to have citizens have importance of self support, community support for reduce disaster damage as common recognition widely in cause Yokohama-shi of such a way of thinking.
We had opinion at "citizen review meeting which suffered from Yokohama-shi earthquake emergency management Citizens' Charter (tentative name) development" by 11 committee members that it was played an active part in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, area emergency management, welfare, school, child care, gender equality, company, various fields including activity group in development so that this charter penetrated among citizen's all of you widely, and it was that it was got close for a long time and made.

Press release (the outside site) of "Yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter" establishment

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