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Disaster prevention picture-story show

Last update date May 27, 2020

"Children and owl old man of all forest"

At the time of storm and flood damage failed to get out in time, and, for zero, produced disaster prevention picture-story show (video version) for infants.

In Yokohama-shi, we work on enlightenment activity of disaster prevention to sons who are leading figure of future area disaster prevention.

Of fire prevention, disaster prevention picture book "siren of friend and wolf of all forest" which this disaster prevention picture-story show published in last November produce for the second,

Staff of active fire station wrote a new original.


At night in "all forest" where animals lived in amicably, heavy storm came over.

We are easily scared, and we show courage, and ritcho of chicken usually appeals to all of village for evacuation in order to keep promise with elder owl old man of village.

Is security of all of village kept by courageous action of this ritcho?

Check it out!♪

■Picture-story show story-telling video Youtube

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