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About cooperation to July, 2020 heavy rain disaster donation

Last update date July 30, 2020

 It is suffered from heavy rain disaster many people over wide area including the Kyushu district in July, 2020. We are very sorry to hear that we wish to express our deepest sympathy to person passed away for people suffered from.
 We will inform about "July, 2020 heavy rain disaster donation" accepting in the Japanese Red Cross Society as follows to support people suffered from in Motoichi. I would like warm support of citizen's all of you. (distribution (prefecture) of donation as of ※: Japanese Red Cross Society homepage (outside site))

About reception desk of donation

"Heavy rain disaster donation in July, 2020" (reception desk: the Japanese Red Cross Society)

Reception desk period

From Tuesday, July 7, 2020 to Monday, December 28, 2020

Cooperation method

1 postal transfer (Japan Post Bank, post office)

Account sign number 00100-8-588189
Account subscriber name Japan Red Cross July, 2020 heavy rain disaster donation
※In the case of transfer at window, transfer fee is exempted.
 (in the case of the use, it takes predetermined transfer fee in normal payment by ATM and Yucho direct)
※When you want receipt, please fill out communication column with "request for receipt".

2 bank transfer

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking lily of the valley branch normal 2787558
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank echo branch normal 2105556
Mizuho Bank sawtooth oak branch normal 0620472

Each account name "the Japanese Red Cross Society" (two honsekijujisha)

※Depending on financial institution of the use, it may take transfer fee separately.
※Reserves such as transfer votes when we transferred in financial institution can catch measures in the taxation system as substitute for receipt.
 For details, please confirm on homepage of the Japanese Red Cross Society.
※When you want receipt, please ask Japan Red Cross head office partnership promotion department (03-3437-7081).
※Donation which had you approach sends the total amount to survivors through donation distribution Committee that the damaged metropolis and districts set up from the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Homepage of the Japanese Red Cross Society

Other than the above, please refer to the following homepage for the details.
→ The Japanese Red Cross Society homepage "heavy rain disaster donation in July, 2020" (the outside site)

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