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With at-home damaged dweller

Last update date January 16, 2019

With at-home damaged dweller

When person that home was the safety goes for evacuation shelter, such a (at-home damaged dweller) comes back to house and stays as evacuation space becomes full. But these share with "refugee of evacuation shelter" in "at-home damaged dwellers" as various information or food from ward office are sent to evacuation shelter.

Community support in at-home damaged life

In area living at-home damaged life, let's help each other in inhabitants.

For example

  • We call between at-home damaged dwellers.
  • Information that we collected from evacuation shelter posts to share together.
  • We cooperate in halls in the town block and distribute relief supplies.
  • We offer visit to people needing support including elderly person and information and supplies.

By life as an evacuee in evacuation shelter with important thing

The evacuation shelter governing board that all of local residents plays a key role as for the life as an evacuee in evacuation shelter and organizes runs.
However, for smooth refuge administration, it is very important that refugee cooperates with administration.

Performing by life as an evacuee (example)

When we establish and are of quite a recent date

  • Acceptance, grasp of refugee
  • Security of exclusive space including zoning, the nursing and change of clothes
  • Anti-crime program measures in night refuge
  • Rescue, relief activities
  • Preparations for supply of hot meals
  • Distribution of storage supplies
  • Restroom measures

It be thought that we are necessary in life as an evacuee

  • Management, procurement of supplies
  • Cooperation with at-home damaged dweller
  • Health care of refugee
  • Collection, rearranging, transmission of information
  • Watchman for anti-crime program
  • Volunteer acceptance

※About administration of evacuation shelter, manual is made by the evacuation shelter governing board.

Water, food by life as an evacuee

Homes collapse, and water, food storing in evacuation shelter are minimum storage products for person who cannot take out in-home storage food into hatsuwazawaiji by fires. Therefore you must do necessary storage in each family. When we shelter in evacuation shelter, let's bring thing which we stored by all means.

I would like storage for at least three days in each family

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