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With disaster tower required

Last update date January 16, 2019

What is tower required at disaster?

It is (disaster tower required) that elderly person and person with a disability, infants, the disabled, some kind of help including foreigner are necessary that evacuation is late, and is easy to suffer big damage when disaster happened. It is important we usually cooperate in area, and to think about measures to protect tower required from earthquake and fire, tsunami at disaster.

Can usually do it

  • To do support at the time of disaster smoothly, usually in area watch, and, through communication such as activity or greetings, make relations with a view of face.

(local can provide information of tower which the government grasps by constant procedure as opportunity when is concerned made required.)

  • Tower required performs evacuation drill which participated, too and will think about measures for disaster in area.
  • Let's check local environment whether place becoming evacuation route does not have obstacle and step.

If disaster happens

  • There is not person who is behind with rescue and evacuation or confirms and guides evacuation in plural inhabitants to refuge, and let's support in the neighborhood.
  • It is necessary to carry at the time of emergency, and to evacuate.

We guide tower support required about tower support required in detail with the whole area at anti-disaster measures disaster at disaster (Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

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