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Town walk

Last update date February 13, 2019

We wait and will do walk

We walk around area resources (park, green tract of land) and evacuation sites which are helpful at the time of dangerous thing, disaster at the time of disaster together in all of town and, in town, check, and we know area, and let's examine problem.

You should prepare for town walk

We wait and will push forward walk (example of process)

Reflecting the image of local state when earthquake was generated together, we talk about positively.
We prepare map and we wait and decide route of walk. (around one hour is indication once.)

We will actually walk town

  • We wait and, at the time of walk, cooperate in participants and perform instruction and taking picture of route, record torinadoo.
  • We wait to cars carefully, and let's do walk.

Point (reference example) to wait, and to check on foot

Thing ... which is dangerous by ... disaster
▢Along the road, is there fall, thing which seems to drop?
▢Is there route which we can go around near?
We cannot evacuate to two directions
▢Do timeworn wooden buildings crowd?
There is the risk that fire spreads through
▢Is road lined with high-rise buildings?
There is the risk such as falling objects
▢High cliff is old, and is there wall which seems to be broken?
There is the risk of collapse
・In addition, we will think about special problem in area of everybody

... area resources, disaster prevention general ...
▢Evacuation sites (we say wide areas)
Are area, indication plain?
▢Fire extinguishing facility (fire hydrant, fire prevention water tank, initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. box)
▢Area and administrative disaster prevention warehouse (the storage of storage) to manage
▢Medical facilities such as hospital, clinics
▢Signature to display evacuation course
▢Local interchange base
▢In addition, it is thought that it is useful for disaster prevention activity

If we wait, and walk is over

If we wait, and walk is over, we gather up on talks, map when we notice together and will announce.
In addition, we utilize local bulletin boards, and let's share works in all of town.

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