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With the preparation only in apartment house?

Last update date February 13, 2019

With the preparation only in apartment house?

Citizen of about 60% lives in apartment houses such as apartments in Yokohama-shi. Everyday life becomes difficult, and, in apartment house of the medium- and high-levels layer, it is assumed for safety confirmation, relief of resident of each floor, life after damage by stop of public utilities (water supply, gas, electricity) that problem gets up.
When elevator stops, going up and down of stairs increases and may have trouble with going out. Particularly, these problems are thought about by elderly person or resident on upper floors.

About shaking of high-rise building

・Measures such as fixation of furniture are particularly necessary that to fall down, and fitting greatly drops by slow shaking (long period earthquake vibration) on upper floors and is more likely to move.
・Repair to elevator with earthquake control driving device is necessary, too.

About storage

・Other than storage in each family, even the whole apartment house will store stretcher and emergency article, equipments for help.
・Let's examine storage in elevator.

Cooperation in Residential Association and residents

・Cooperation in the neighborhood including resident of the same floor is particularly necessary for apartment.
Let's take a look at contact from Residential Association including announcement of check and disaster drill of disaster prevention facilities.
・We keep the number of the households or age group of floor under control and cooperate with Residential Association, and let's make manuals of action at the time of disaster.

About evacuation route

・At the time of disaster from use and the entrance of elevator not to have possibilities to go in and out,
Place of emergency staircase and emergency door, evacuation HACCI (emergency escape mouth) of veranda kick down, and let's confirm how to use door.
・It will prevent you from putting thing around evacuation appliance.

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