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Do you participate in local training and class?

Last update date February 13, 2019

We carry out local voluntary disaster prevention activity including training of disaster prevention organization of town including Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and refuge establishment, administration training of evacuation shelter.
Each citizen participates in training, and let's work on the preparation to disaster.

Training of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations

For "initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. " "emergency relief", let's participate in training of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations.


  • How to use fire extinguisher
  • How to use triangle bandage
  • How to use, cardiopulmonary resuscitation of AED
  • Smoke experience

Training of evacuation shelter

For "establishment, administration of refuge", let's participate in training of evacuation shelter.

What we can experience

  • Reception desk, count of refugee
  • Zoning of life place
  • Restroom measures training
  • Securing of drinking water
  • Rescue, relief training

It recruits member of fire brigade and student attending a lectures of various classes

In Yokohama-shi, it recruits student attending a lectures of the member of fire brigade and member of home disaster prevention training and Yokohama disaster prevention license class as leading figure of local disaster prevention.

●Fire brigade
In Motoichi, it recruits members of fire brigade as leading figure of local fire prevention, disaster prevention.
While member of fire brigade has studies and main profession, at the time of disaster occurrence, perform firefightings such as fire extinguishing, help, and local bo
We take role as evil leader.
About "fire brigade", it is in detail

●The member of home disaster prevention training
We can acquire necessary knowledge and technique about fire prevention, disaster prevention. In attendance of the training, it is Neighborhood Association, town
Recommendation from inner meeting is necessary.
About "the member of home disaster prevention training", it is in detail

●Yokohama disaster prevention license class
Have wear the handling method of disaster prevention equipments preparing for evacuation shelter in Motoichi; "Yokohama disaster prevention license
There is class.
About "Yokohama disaster prevention license class", it is in detail

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