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About approaches of correction of 2016 Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan

Last update date December 26, 2019

1 citizen opinion offer conduct summary

When raise opinions of citizen's all of you, and make modifications; carried out civic opinion offer to refer to.

(1) Offer period

  • From Monday, October 3, 2016 to Wednesday, November 2

(2) About correction of Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan

(3) Well-known method

  • Distribution about leaflet "anti-disaster measures of Yokohama-shi"

 <distribution place>
 The city hall (citizen's information center, General Affairs Bureau crisis management room), ward office

  •  Publication to Yokohama-shi homepage
  •  Publications to public information Yokohama

2 citizen opinion offer conduct results

(1) Submission opinion number

  • 48 cases

(2) Summary of main opinion

Summary of opinion (six) about city anti-disaster measures compilation plus

  • We want you usually to publish basic information of radioactive material.
  • We keep medical institution accommodating A-bomb victim under control.
  • We want to report information of monitoring result exactly.
  • You should build the system construction and public facilities of medical facilities, the contact system with public transport.
  • Diffusion forecast of radioactive material should conjugate for measures as reference information.

Summary of opinion (35) about earthquake disaster measures

  • For reinforcement of the supplies supply system, we demand further participation of distribution supplier.
  • We push forward maintenance of disaster prevention manual as approach of self support and confirm the preparation and action for oneself to protect oneself, family.
  • We work thickly, and, about information of use of asbestos building, asbestos at the time of disaster scatters cooperation beforehand and sets baku Russian measures.
  • Refuge accommodating woman and child particularly may encounter.
  • It is thought that training in line with the real earthquake occurrence situation by evacuation shelter, Neighborhood Association unit is effective.
  • For communication means of supplies supply request from refuge, it is thought that use of email of the Internet is realistic.

Summary of main opinion (seven) about ryohen and the whole

  • Basics should strongly propose that it is self support. It is simple and devises disaster preparedness plan, and it is necessary to propose that we cannot do it as administration clearly.
  • It is necessary to take measures from single-family house house and both sides of apartment. It is important to share mental attitude of self support community support

Thank you for opinion.

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