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About approaches of correction of 2018 Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan

Last update date January 17, 2020

1 citizen opinion offer conduct summary

When raise opinions of citizen's all of you, and make modifications; carried out civic opinion offer to refer to.

(1) Offer period

  • From Monday, October 1, 2018 to Friday, November 2

(2) About correction of Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan

(3) Well-known method

  • Distribution about leaflet "anti-disaster measures of Yokohama-shi"

 <distribution place>
 The city hall (citizen's information center, General Affairs Bureau crisis management room), ward office

  •  Publication to Yokohama-shi homepage
  •  Publications to public information Yokohama

2 citizen opinion offer conduct results

(1) Submission opinion number

  • 37 cases

(2) Summary of main opinion

Summary of opinion about securing of evacuation plan

  • About securing of evacuation plan of tower facility required, you should check whether content is appropriate.
  • We want facility of non-submission to support program planning.

Summary of opinion about evacuation warning

  • Such as evacuation information, with disseminating information, want to explain more clearly how should act afterwards.

Summary of opinion about other disaster prevention measures

  • We want you to inform of influence or damage of storm and flood damage more clearly.
  • Citizen carries out appropriate evacuation and wants you further to enlighten preparations for storage to be able to do it.

Thank you for opinion.

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