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National protection of Yokohama-shi

Last update date March 18, 2019

News about actions that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

News from the Cabinet Secretariat

The Cabinet Secretariat "people protection portal site" (the outside site) (about actions at the time of ballistic missile fall (PDF: Q&A (outside site)/(English) (PDF about action at the time of 457KB)/ballistic missile fall: 1,489KB))

Communication just after ballistic missile discharge

Ballistic missile hits the ground from discharge extremely in a short time.
When we may fall to Japan, we link J alert automatically and will urgently urgently tell about information by breaking news email, TV, radio, Yahoo! disaster prevention breaking news.

・You can hear national protection siren sound of J alert in the Cabinet Secretariat people protection portal site (the outside site). 

Action that you should take right after urgent information played

[when we need outdoors]

  • Please evacuate to the inside and basement of building nearby.
  • You hide yourself in shade near when there is not building, or the ground can lie down, and please protect the head.

[when we need indoors]

  • You are separated from window as much as possible, or please move to cave.

Video can read "about action at the time of ballistic missile fall" from homepage of Kanagawa. (the outside site)

You are careful about information from administration, and please act calmly.

Page of glossary about national protection

Special badge mark

The following mark is international special badge to distinguish places used for people performing duties to modify national protection measures prescribed with Geneva treaties addition protocol and the measures.

National protection law and Yokohama-shi people protection plan

National protection law prescribed role allotment such as country, the prefectural municipalities and the concrete measures to protect life, body of the nation and property when case or megaterrorism that received armed attack occurred, and to be able to minimize damage accompanied with armed attack.
In September, 2004, the metropolis and districts and the municipalities were required to make national protection plan with the enforcement of national protection law.
We set beforehand so that city cooperates with country, the prefecture, other municipalities related organizations based on policy of country, and this plan cooperates when armed attack or large-scale terrorism occur, and quickness can perform evacuation or relief of inhabitants precisely.
In Yokohama-shi, we devised "Yokohama-shi people protection plan" based on opinions of the deliberation in city people protection meeting and citizen's all of you.

Yokohama-shi people protection plans (laws and ordinances and the regulations)
Summary (PDF: 912KB) of Yokohama-shi people protection plan

Yokohama-shi people protection meeting

Situation that is assumed

The preparation always of the sky

Evacuation and relief of inhabitants

Local cooperation that is essential for national protection

Approach of past Yokohama-shi

◆Brochure about national protection

◆Link (country, Kanagawa, nine capital prefecture cities) concerned

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