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Yokohama-shi disaster prevention information E-mail new registration operation

Last update date June 24, 2019

We can register delivery to disaster prevention information E-mail by the following assembly operations.
Please confirm page of list of items about delivered item.

1.We access registration screen

Disaster prevention information E-mail registration change e-mail address

Guidance email to registration screen arrives when we send email to the following e-mail address.
[email protected]
※Title, the text is good as blanks. From two-dimensional bar code, we can read address.

When guidance email does not arrive…

Indication example of registration guidance email

Guidance email that URL to access registration screen was listed in arrives.
We click listed URL and access registration screen.

2.We confirm precautions

Precautions screen

As precautions screen is displayed when you use for the first time, please read.
After that, we click the "ACCEPT" button and push forward new registration procedure.

3.We choose ward to deliver in new registration page

New registration page

With new registration screen, we choose ward receiving delivery.
We plurally select object to two wards or can choose whole city.
After the choice, we let we click button to "next" in the lower part of page, and new registration complete.

4.We confirm item delivered with registration completion screen, delivery area

Registration completion screen

If registration completion screen is displayed, it is registration completion.
Please confirm item and delivery area delivered here.
When you want to change delivery item, please operate with the next change screen which clicked "change" of the lower page button.
When we registered by mistake, registration contents are deleted when we click "deletion" of the lower page button.

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