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Living, synthesis


We carry out campaign to present eco-friendly product which had you provide from company toward 70 by lot to be a chance to take in "eshikaru consumption" to choose product in consideration for environment and society, and to value for daily livings.
We introduce charm of mall in the city including original approach by special dish of each shop pride and corona evil. In addition, of new coronavirus infectious disease "living, economic measure" (December revision) introduce.
Yokohama City Hall moved to Honcho, Naka-ku. As we introduce information for access of new city hall and each floor floor, photograph of building in this page, please see by all means.
We send the new coronavirus infectious disease-related latest information. In addition, application and garbage collection by category information for oversized garbage came to be possible in LINE, too. We will develop service to be useful for citizen's all of you in future. Friend registers, and please inflect.
Self-import facility where citizen's all of you can bring oversized garbage into directly opens in Sakae Ward. Prior application in receptionist center is necessary in carry-on of oversized garbage. In addition, Konan resource recovery center is finished on Sunday, January 31.
We start acceptance of oversized garbage utilizing chat bot. You have already informed of coarse waste disposal fees by AI by chat of oversized garbage, but can file until application on chat 24 hours a day, every day in future.
In "hometown tax" to Yokohama-shi, we raise feeling to "want to support Yokohama" widely and can choose utilization among 24 business, purposes. Do you not make the future of Yokohama with feeling to yearn for your Yokohama together?
In City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat, the small, average, compulsory education of Yokohama City Univ. recruits staff of temporary appointment, part-time teachers (the staff) as substitute for maternity leave and sick leave such as teachers of special support, high school or support (assistance in charge) at any time. For more details, please confirm this.
Life information magazine which published disposal procedures and disaster prevention information, information for various procedures window started distribution of "guide of living". Such as barrier-free information, medical institution of whole Yokohama-shi map & route map and railroad station is helpful, and information is full loading. Check it out!

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