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Railroad daughter "Takashima thistle"

Yokohama municipal subway character

Last update date June 1, 2020

© TOMYTEC/ illustration: We see, and beech is with

 We put together on Yokohama opening of a port memorial day of June 2, 2018, and, from "railroad daughter" of Tomy tech, character "Takashima thistle" of Yokohama municipal subway made its debut!
 It unfolds for character loved as member of railroad daughter of the companies station of the whole country by all of you. We would like.


About "Takashima thistle"

[the name] Takashima thistle (as for the origin of the name from "Takashimacho Station" "Azamino Station")
[the type of job] Yokohama municipal subway station service hook

・Character to be active, and to notice well.
 suguniteteteto approaches when we see person who is in trouble at station.
・Hobby walks.
 Retro Akarengasoko Chinatown port of Yokohama.
 We trudge various scenery along the line on holiday and enjoy.
・Favorite color is blue. When we buy accessories and clothes, we choose just blue thing.
・We like marine sports, and, on holiday, it is often sea and that we go to pool to swim.

About "railroad daughter"

  "Railroad daughter" is character series that Tomy tech presents.

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